"Exciting new open-world driving game" coming from NBA 2K developer

As Forza Horizon 5’s success shows, open-world driving games are more popular than ever. This popular racing sub-genre will expand this year with Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown and the new Need for Speed.

But there’s another unannounced open-world driving title on the horizon that will “blow your mind.”

Visual Concepts working on an "exciting new open world-driving game" based on a “major license”

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, Visual Concepts, an American studio best known for the NBA 2K and WWE 2K game franchises, is working on an AAA “unannounced, open-world driving game.”

According to a job listing for a Producer role, the open-world driving game is based on a “major license” and launch on “multiple platforms.”

Another Senior Technical Artist job listing says the project is an “exciting new open-world driving game.” Notably, Visual Concept’s Twitter account bio has also been updated. It refers to the big-budget racing title as a “new AAA game that will blow your mind.”

Is a new Midnight Club game on the cards?

Unfortunately, there are no other details about this new open-world project. It’s also unclear which “major license” the unannounced project is based on.

The California-based studio is not known for making racing games, predominately specialising in sports titles like WWE 2K22 and NBA 2K22.

Midnight Club Los Angeles screenshot 2
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Is Midnight Club about to make a comeback after nearly 15 years?

However, Visual Concepts is owned by Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games. There are rumours that Take-Two wants to reboot Midnight Club, a series that’s been dormant since 2008’s Midnight Club Los Angeles.

It’s possible, then, that a new Midnight Club game is Visual Concepts' mystery open-world driving game. However, Rockstar Gams developed previous games in the series.

There are also rumours the new Midnight Club game will be a mobile spin-off. This follows Take-Two’s acquisition of Zynga, the mobile games studio responsible for CSR Racing 2.

The "major license" isn't necessarily an existing racing game franchise, though. As this is a big-budget AAA project, Visual Concepts is working on an open-world Fast & Furious game to coincide with Fast 10 next year would not be a surprise.

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