F-Zero-inspired FAST RMX is finally getting a physical release

Before Mario Kart 8 Deluxe dominated sales, FAST RMX was the only Nintendo Switch racing game you could buy at launch. A sequel to the Wii U’s FAST Racing Neo and developed by Shin’en Multimedia, FAST RMX is a futuristic racer that fills the void of F-Zero on Nintendo Switch.

With a blistering sense of speed and 36 tracks, FAST RMX sets itself apart with a unique boost mechanic where you must change the colour of your energy shield to match the colour of boost pads on the track. 

Since it launched in 2017, FAST RMX has only been available digitally on the Nintendo eShop. Since then, fans and collectors have been requesting a FAST RMX physical release. Well, five years later FAST RMX is finally getting a limited-edition physical release.

FAST RMX physical release limited to 6,000 copies

Available to pre-order exclusively at Super Rare Games from 13 October, the standard FAST RMX physical release costs £42.00.

FAST RMX physical release
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Limited to 4,000 copies, shipping for the standard edition is expected to start in mid to late October, with copies including interior art, a colour manual, exclusive manual, and a trading card pack.

Steelbook edition

As well as a standard physical release, a limited steelbook version will also be available. Limited to 2,000 copies, the steelbook edition also comes with a postcard. It’s available to pre-order on 13 October for £57.

There’s also a bundle that includes Shin’en Multimedia adventure game The Touryst and FAST RMX. The standard bundle costs £84 while the steelbook bundle will set you back £114.

FAST RMX screenshot
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In total, the FAST RMX physical release is limited to 6,000 copies. Some fans have questioned why it costs more than other Super Rare Games releases that typically retail for around £35. Responding to a fan on Twitter, Super Rare Games says this is a “one-off for a special release” and the “costs incurred are higher.”

However they spin it, this is an expensive release considering the digital version retails for £16.99, though it’s currently listed as out of stock. But with such high demand, we won't be surprised if it sell out fast despite the high asking price. We’re just happy one of the Switch's best racing games is finally getting a physical release after five years.

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