First Wreckfest Nintendo Switch gameplay footage revealed

With its soft-body damage modelling and spectacular wrecks, Wreckfest is a refreshing change from serious games like Gran Turismo 7 when you're in the mood for causing carnage.

Wreckfest has been out for a few years on PlayStation, Xbox, and consoles, with a Nintendo Switch port coming later this month.

While the Nintendo Switch port has already been shown in trailers, THQ Nordiq has released a new video showing actual unedited gameplay of Wreckfest captured from Nintendo Switch.

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First Wreckfest Nintendo Switch gameplay footage

The footage shows nearly two minutes of carnage. As you would expect, the resolution is lower and there’s not much anti-aliasing, but Wreckfest otherwise runs smoothly on the Switch at a stable 30fps, despite all the on-screen action.

This is a downgrade compared to the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but it’s still impressive considering the Switch console’s hardware limitations.

The Switch version looked as rough as a banger racing car in the initial footage shown at a Nintendo Direct last year, but it’s reassuring to see that BugBear has used the extra development time to polish it up.

Season packs

The Switch version of Wreckfest will be available with two season packages. 20 extra cars are included in the Season 1 package along with 20 roof decorations and a car customisation pack for £11.99/$14.99/ € 14.99. Season 2, on the other hand, adds 12 cars for £9.99/$12.99/€12.99.

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Wreckfest will smash onto Nintnedo Switch on 21 June, with the base game retailing for £34.99/$39.99/€ 39.99

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