Forza Street reaches the end of the road

Remember Forza Street? You probably forgot all about Forza’s mobile spin-off. Previously known as Miami Street and developed by Electric Square, Forza Street launched on Windows 10 in 2019 before racing onto iOS and Android in 2020.

But if you haven’t tried Forza’s first foray on mobile devices yet, you don’t have much longer.

Forza Street reaches the end of the road

In an FAQ page on the Forza support website, Microsoft has announced Forza Street is reaching the end of the road. The final update came out on 10 January, but the free-to-play mobile racer will shut down in spring 2022.

While Forza Street is still playable until then, the in-app purchases store closed as of 10 January. Purchases made within the last 30 days will be refunded as a “one-time courtesy.”

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End of the road: Forza Street will shut its doors in spring 2022

If, however, you still have remaining in-game currency, you can use it in the in-game store until the game closes. Prices for “the vast majority of items purchased with in-game currency" are reduced.

In addition, the final update adds a new car, a 12-week long spotlight featuring Rare and Epic cars, faster Energy recharge and increased Energy storage, as well as reduced wait times on car shows.

Forza Street closing date

Microsoft hasn’t announced exactly when Forza Street will shut its doors. We only know it will close in spring 2022. However, the final spotlight event possibly gives us an idea.

Since the spotlight event starts on 17 January and lasts 12 weeks, Forza Street will likely close on 11 April.   

Why is Forza Street closing?     

As for why Forza Street is closing, Microsoft issued the following statement. “We’re proud and grateful for the community of players we were able to build with Forza Street, and we want to use what we learned on building new and exciting Forza products.”

Alas, Forza Street received a poor reception thanks to its simplified gameplay (steering is automatic so the player only controls acceleration and braking), a frustrating energy system limiting gameplay, and use of microtransactions.

Forza Street’s failure is a stark contrast to Forza Horizon 5, which surpassed 15 million players this week.

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Forza Street was criticised for its use of microtransactions

This isn’t the only mobile racing spin-off that shut down recently, either. Project CARS GO from Gamevil and Slightly Mad Studios launched in March 2021 but was cancelled last November only seven months after launch.

Need for Speed joined the mobile racing game bandwagon back in 2015 with NFS No Limits but is still available on iOS and Android.

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