Gran Turismo Sport surpasses 14 million players

With Gran Turismo 7 now less than a month away, many GT players are honing their skills in GT Sport to prepare for the upcoming sequel. Despite GT7's imminent release, GT Sport is still proving popular. The online-focused racing game has reached a new player milestone.

Gran Turismo Sport surpasses 14 million players

Since launching on PS4 in 2017, Gran Turismo 7 has surpassed 14 million players. The new player milestone was announced by Erica Kato Marcus, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Senior Director, during the Gran Turismo Sophy AI reveal presentation.

“One of the drivers that participated in the race with us, Takuma Miyazono, he is the top driver out of the 14 million GT Sport drivers in the world,” he said.

It’s an impressive achievement, especially given GT Sport’s online-multiplayer focus. It may not have a fleshed-out single-player campaign, but GT Sport has been the only option for PS4 players looking to get their Gran Turismo fix. This will change soon, as GT7 will be released on PS4 as well as PS5 next month.

While the player count is impressive, Forza Horizon 5 has already overtaken GT Sport. As of January 2022, FH5 has attracted 18 million players. However, it’s worth noting that FH5 is playable on PC and Xbox, making it available to a wider player base. GT Sport, on the other hand, is a PS4 exclusive.

GT Sport player data will automatically transfer to GT7

If you’ve spent hundreds of hours ranking up in GT Sport and don’t want to start all over again in GT7, you’re in luck.

Yesterday, Polyphony Digital confirmed that Driver and Sportsmanship ratings from GT Sport will automatically transfer to GT7. Decals and liveries from GT Sport will also carry over to GT Sport.

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Player data from GT Sport will transfer to GT7

Not everyone is happy about the automatic data transfer, though. Some players enjoy the satisfaction and reward of grinding online, so it’s a shame the data transfer isn’t optional.  

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