GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage Pack brings back demolition derby

It’s a great day for demolition derby fans. Not only has Wreckfest slammed onto Nintendo Switch, but demolition derby has returned to the GRID series.

Demolition derby returns to GRID

Following last week’s teaser, the new GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage DLC pack adds a new Classic Car-Nage, bringing back demolition derby for the first time in the series since GRID Autosport.

Encouraging carnage, the DLC adds four new routes at Yokohama Docks and Havana with multiple crossovers, ramps, and obstacles. The mode is also available in Race Creator, allowing players to create their own Classic Car-Nage event.

GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage Pack
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Demolition derby returns to the GRID series for the first time since GRID Legends.

Each car in Classic Car-Nage has a health bar, with the aim to be the last car standing.

In addition, there are eight new story events featuring the Classic Car-Nage mode and three Special Events to unlock in career linked to Classic Car-Nage.

New cars

The first of four premium packs, the Classic Car-Nage DLC includes five new cars to destroy. These include the Beltra Frostbite, Beltra Hot Rod, Jupiter Freighter, Jupiter Eagleray Mk.5, and the Dumont Ute Titan. Each car is fictional with enhanced damage modelling for maximum carnage.

As well as new cars, track layouts, and the demolition derby game mode, the DLC adds ten new achievements, additional team icons, banners, and livery patterns.

GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage Pack screenshot
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The new cars in the GRID Legends Classic Car-Nage Pack are fictional with enhanced damage modelling.

The Classic Car-Nage pack is included as part of the GRID Legends Deluxe Edition and can be accessed once the game has updated. If you don’t own the Deluxe Edition, an upgrade is available to unlock the extra content. Alternatively, if you have a friend with the Deluxe Edition, you enter online multiplayer Classic Car-Nage events with them at no extra cost.

Coinciding with the Classic Car-Nage Pack is the latest game update with bug fixes and improvements. For a full list of changes, check out the GRID Legends update 3.1 Patch Notes below.

GRID Legends update 3.1 Patch Notes

New Features

This patch coincides with the first GRID Legends content pack - Classic Car-Nage, available now for GRID Legends Deluxe Edition players. You can read more about that here.


  • AI no longer drives too aggressively when not in Nemesis state
  • Rearview mirror now shows as mirrored
  • Some sponsor objectives unlocks have been fixed


  • Online statuses now change as intended in the Lobby screen
  • Players no longer appear offline on the EA Friend Requests screen
  • Some desynchronisation issues have been resolved

Driven to Glory & Career

  • Missing UI in certain circumstances has been resolved
  • Getting disqualified in ‘Back in the Fight’ no longer unlocks the next event
  • AI timers no longer exceed the player’s in the MX-5 Cup Event 1


  • A frame rate issue during replays has been resolved
  • Performance when using interior cameras has been improved
  • Several issues that would cause the game to crash have been resolved across all platforms

Art and Visual Effects

  • Corrupted projections no longer show on walls and floors in London at Night


  • Debug text no longer displays in certain instances
  • Several translation fixes have been made

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