GRID Legends Race Creator has a “massive number of combinations”

We’re now just one month away from the release of GRID Legends, the first major racing game release of 2022. Last week, Codemasters showed off 40 minutes of gameplay, giving us a first look at the Driven to Glory story mode.

Speaking with GamingBolt, GRID Legends Associate Creative Director Steven Brand has revealed new details about the race creator, nemesis AI, and how Driven to Glory’s narrative integrates with race gameplay.

Race Creator has a “massive number of combinations”

With over 100 cars, GRID Legends offers a huge variety of disciplines from touring cars to stadium trucks. As Brand explains, the improved race creator allows you to change options such as the car class, route, weather and race mode. A new randomise option also encourages experimentation. These custom events can then be shared online for other players to try.

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The Race Creator in GRID Legends will encourage experimentation

“If you want to set up a 99 lap challenge around Suzuka racing GT1 monsters or a classic Mini race around London with ramps and boosts, the choice is entirely yours!” Brand explained.

“GRID Legends’ Race Creator has a massive number of combinations… we haven’t actually done the math!” Brand added that the race creator “will continue to grow as service content is added, further increasing the possibilities for unique and fun experiences.”

Multiclass racing

Multiclass racing is a new event type in GRID Legends, creating some unusual race scenarios. Brand revealed that one career event has you racing a Rookie Open Wheeler against Dumont Colossus Trucks on the streets of Chicago. Elimination and Drift events also return to GRID Legends.

Improved Nemesis AI

Introduced in the 2019 GRID game, Codemasters’ Nemesis AI system returns in GRID Legends. Trade paint with an opponent, and they'll hold a grudge against you. And unlike the last game, Nemesis will persist between events. This means drivers won't forget incidents you caused and will make it their mission to take you out.

“If you have created some beef with another driver (AI or human) you’ll see them lined up in the pre-race screen so you can get a picture of who to avoid or get involved with from the start,” said Brand.

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Unlike the last game, the Nemesis AI system persists between events

“AI Nemesis will show more aggression when you are close, so giving them space is advised if you want to avoid their anger.” You can also upgrade your Teammate’s skills to ‘Nemesis Protector.’ Selecting this option will make your teammate actively block drivers marked as your Nemesis.

Driven to Glory story length

In the new Driven to Glory story mode, you play as Driver 22, a rookie racer who joins the struggling Seneca Motorsport team to take on rivals teams such as Ravenwest. Inspired by Netflix's Drive to Survive, it’s a classic underdog tale with an episodic structure. The cut scenes were filmed using the same virtual production techniques as The Mandalorian, mixing live action with CGI backgrounds.

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The live-action cut scenes in Driven to Glory were filmed in a documentary style inspired by Drive to Survive

Brand confirmed that Driven to Glory will last around eight hours. “We were keen to ensure that narrative was delivered in race as well as outside of the action and we feel we’ve struck a great balance between action and the off track drama,” he said. “Presentation of the story has been balanced to deliver exciting key moments around the race events.”

Outside of Driven to Glory, the traditional career mode has also been improved. There’s a huge variety of events including Drift, Elimination, Time Attack, Multi Class, and Circuit races. You can also upgrade your Teammate and Mechanic. Career mode can also be played online with other players. Alternatively, you can play the co-op career with friends only.

GRID Legends release date

GRID Legends releases on 25 February for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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