GRID Legends trailer gives a first look at Drift mode and hop-in multiplayer

With Gran Turismo 7 stealing the spotlight this week, Codemasters wants to remind us that GRID Legends is just around the corner with a new adrenaline-pumping trailer.

The latest trailer showcases the Driven to Glory story mode and gives an overview of the tracks and cars. We also get a first look at the new Drift mode and hop-in multiplayer.

Drift mode returns

After being absent in the 2019 GRID reboot, Drift mode returns in GRID Legends for the first time since GRID Autosport. For those who like driving sideways and torturing tyres, points are awarded based on the speed, angle, and duration of your drift.

Grid Legends drift mode
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Drift mode returns in GRID Legends for the first time since GRID Autosport

In the trailer, we get to see a Mitsubishi Evo X drift car sliding around a dockyard circuit. It’s one of many disciplines in GRID Legends including touring cars, trucks, and open-wheel.

Hop-in-multiplayer gets you into the action faster

The trailer also gives us a first look at a new hop-in multiplayer feature. We’ve all experienced the tedium of waiting in lobbies before an online multiplayer race starts. This will be a thing of the past in GRID Legends.

The new hop-in multiplayer mode allows players to enter online races for up to 22 players without lobbies or friend requests, getting players into the action faster.

Crossplay is also supported, allowing players to race with friends on other platforms. If it works, hop-in multiplayer will make online racing a lot more accessible.

“We’re dialling up the race action and giving players a closer look at more fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat gameplay, including returning fan-favourite feature, Drift,” said Christopher Smith, GRID Creative Director at Codemasters. “The response to the game since we announced last summer has been phenomenal, and we can’t wait for players to join us on the starting line in a few weeks.”

GRID Legends release date

GRID Legends races onto PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S on February 25.

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