Horizon Chase China Spirit DLC out now, adds nine new tracks and Lightning electric car

Disappointingly, Rocket League's annual Lucky Lanterns event isn’t returning this year. Replacing it is the Neon Lights event celebrating the game's music. Happily, there is another racing game with new content celebrating Lunar New Year: Horizon Chase.

Developed by Brazil’s Aquiris Game Studio, Horizon Chase is a popular retro-inspired arcade racer on mobiles. Its vibrant art style and blocky graphics are inspired by classic 16-bit racers games like OutRun and Top Gear. The soundtrack is also composed by the legendary Barry Leitch who created the music for Top Gear on the SNES.

After last year’s superb Senna Forever expansion brought back memories of Super Monaco Grand Prix II, a new China Spirit DLC pack for Horizon Chase is now available just in time for Chinese New Year.

Horizon Chase China Spirit DLC available now

Available now on iOS and Android, the China Spirit DLC adds a slew of new Lunar New Year-themed content including nine colourful tracks set in Chengdu, Beijing, Hong Kong and the Great Wall of China.

The China Spirit DLC also includes a new electric saloon car called the Lightning. Its sleek styling appears to be inspired by the Tesla Model S. Four skins are also unlockable for the Lightning by beating rivals on the new tracks.

Horizon Chase China Spirit DLC screenshot
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The new Lightning electric car appears to be inspired by the Tesla Model S

Although Horizon Chase doesn’t have licensed cars, the design inspirations are easy to spot, with imitations of the DeLorean DMC-12, Ferrari F50, and Honda NSX to name a few.

Horizon Chase China Spirit DLC price

Horizon Chase’s China Spirit DLC is available to download on iOS and Android for a very reasonable €1.99/$1.99.

For now, the China Spirit DLC is only available for the Horizon Chase mobile game. Aquiris hasn’t confirmed if the Lunar New Year-themed DLC will be released for Horizon Chase Turbo on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintnedo Switch. We imagine it will, though, as Senna Forever is available for Horizon Chase Turbo.


Huawei smartphone owners can also now enjoy Horizon Chase. Aquiris has announced that Horizon Chase Mobile Edition and its expansions are now available on the Huawei AppGallery store.

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