New iRacing Rain Gameplay Looks Incredible

iRacing rain gameplay looks incredible

iRacing rain gameplay looks incredible

iRacing is about to change forever, with rain forecast for the racing simulator this month. While most modern sim racing games have featured dynamic weather conditions for years, iRacing has only allowed you to race in the dry since its inception.

This is set to change this month with the revolutionary Tempest weather update bringing treacherous weather conditions to iRacing.

New look at iRacing rain gameplay

Ahead of update, iRacing has released a new gameplay video showcasing wet weather racing, and it looks incredibly realistic.

The trailer begins by showing off iRacing’s impressive volumetric clouds as a storm approaches and the sky turns overcast, with a spotter warning of the changing weather. A torrential downpour then erupts as we hear rain pounding the tarmac and puddles forming on the soaking track.

Rain will provide new challenges for seasoned iRacing players. As the video showcases, spray from cars ahead will dramatically reduce visibility, creating challenging racing conditions. 

“An experience unlike anything else in simulation racing”

The Tempest update is set to revolutionise iRacing. In a recent developer blog, iRacing’s executive producer Greg Hill touted it as a “groundbreaking new addition” that “delivers an experience unlike anything else in simulation racing.”

iRacing’s Tempest system will simulate how water interacts with the environment and tyres. Puddles won’t be preset, with water creating wet racing lines on specific areas of the track.

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Navigating wet tracks will be tricky, with reduced grip increasing the risk of hydroplaning and causing an accident, which could affect driver safety ratings. "The end result is the typical racing line becomes slicker sooner than the rest of the track, and racers need to seek areas off-line to find grip for their tyres,” Hill explains.

Dynamic weather can also be based on real-world forecasts for each race track for a more authentic racing experience, or keyframes can be added to create custom weather intervals.

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Not every car can be driven in the rain, however. Initially, GTP, LMP2, and GT3 classes will support rain, along with the Ray FF1600, Toyota GR86, and the FIA F4. More cars will be added over the next few months.

Rain coming in iRacing Season 2 update

Following a delay, Rain is forecast for iRacing sometime in March in the upcoming Season 2 update, so players will need to get their wet tyres ready. We should find out the release date soon.

Are you impressed with iRacing's rain effects? Let us know in the comments below.

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