Mario Kart home workout is the racing game we all need in 2021

2021 has started with most people stuck at home and nearly every New Years resolution about fitness and exercise already in the bin.

However, as discovered by our techy friends over at Stealth Optional, one gamer has created a Mario Kart exercise kit that could be the answer to our prayers!

Nintendo fitness on another level

Nintendo has tried to add movement and fitness to its games for years. From Wii Sports to Pokemon Go, the Japanese company has been encouraging gamers to move for a long time.

nintendo ring fit
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RUNNING ON: Ring Fit was a big hit in 2020, for obvious reasons!

However, its most popular games still require you to sit yourself down in front of the TV and adopt that classic gamer pose.

Well not now! YouTuber and hardware hacker Mike Choi has created the ultimate exercise and gaming blend using none other than our favourite arcade racer, Mario Kart!

Sim racing is hard enough work as it is with a high force feedback wheel and load cell brakes, but if you actually had to power the car yourself racers would be burning calories quicker than Michael Phelps!

Don't expect to buy this soon

As much as Nintendo loves a gadget and selling players extra niche and bizarre controllers, we don't expect to see this on the shelves any time soon.

It also looks remarkably tricky to make yourself, so maybe don't try this one at home!

mario kart 8
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MORE POWER NEEDED: Pedal faster if you need a boost

However, the baseline success of Ring Fit, and how hard it has been to find stock of it, means there is a market out there for gaming and exercise crossovers.

We don't doubt that pairing a truly amazing game like Mario Kart with fitness would do far more to help people maintain their exercise regime than anything else Nintendo has done!

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