NASCAR 21 Ignition getting free 2022 Expansion in October

Apart from the Nintendo Switch-only NASCAR Rivals, there won’t be an official NASCAR 22 game. Instead, developer Motorsport Games is prioritising development of NASCAR 23 due to arrive in mid-2023.

All is not lost, however. To compensate for the lack of an official NASCAR 22 game, NASCAR 21 Ignition is getting a free 2022 expansion in October.

NASCAR 21 Ignition 2022 Expansion available to download in October

Available to download for free on all platforms on 6 October, the 2022 Season Update will add all tracks, drivers, teams and paint schemes from the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series.

All three Next Gen car models from Chevrolet, Ford and Toyota will also be added in the update following February’s update that included a Test Drive mode for the Next Gen Ford Mustang.

New user interface

Not only will the update add new 2022 Season content, but it will also feature some quality of life improvements. The 2022 Expansion will bring update the user interface to make menu navigation “more seamless.”

NASCAR 21 Ignition 2022 Expansion screenshot
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In addition, an upgraded HUD will incorporate new tyre wear and fuel indicators. There will also be new broadcast introductions from Motor Racing Network’s On-Air Announcer Alex Hayden.

To mark the release of the 2022 Season Update, NASCAR 21 Ignition will be reduced to $19.99 for those who don’t already own it.

There will also be new NASCAR 21 Ignition – Victory Edition that will include the Season Pass 1, the 2022 Season Update and Season Pass 2, which will include new announced content this year.

NASCAR Heat 5 and NASCAR Heat Mobile to receive 2022 Season content

Furthermore, NASCAR Heat 5 and NASCAR Heat Mobile will also receive 2022 Season updates, meaning the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series will be accessible in a wide range of games.

NASCAR 21 Ignition 2022 Expansion
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Cars, drivers and teams from the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series will be available to download in NASCAR Heat 5, but it won’t be a free update like NASCAR 21 Ignition. Likewise, the updated 2022 cars, drivers, and teams will be “selectable and purchasable content” in NASCAR Heat Mobile.

Nintendo Switch owners can also experience the 2022 Season in NASCAR Rivals, which is out on 14 October.

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