NASCAR Rivals leaks for Nintendo Switch

With Motorsport Games focusing on the upcoming NASCAR 21: Ignition 2022 Season Expansion and NASCAR 2023, we aren’t getting an official NASCAR 2022 game on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox this year. There will still be a new NASCAR game this year, however.

Back in April, Motorsport Games confirmed a new NASCAR game will be released on Nintendo Switch this autumn as part of a roadmap for future NASCAR game updates and releases. While the new NASCAR Switch game hasn’t been officially announced yet, an Amazon listing has seemingly leaked the title and release date.

NASCAR Rivals leaks for Nintendo Switch on Amazon

As reported by Traxion, a listing on suggests the Switch-exclusive NASCAR game is called NASCAR Rivals. There are no screenshots, but a placeholder cover image for the physical release is also listed with a new logo, so it seems legit.

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NASCAR Rivals is currently available to pre-order on for $49.99, with a release date of 14 October 2022. This matches Motorsport Games’ announcement that the new Switch-only NASCAR game will arrive this autumn. At the time of writing, NASCAR Rivals is not listed on Amazon UK.

Unfortunately, the Amazon listing doesn’t include any gameplay details. Motorsport Games has previously said the Switch release will boast “improved visuals and new features over last year’s NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+.”

An enhanced Switch port of NASCAR 21 Ignition?

Released last year, NASCAR Heat Ultimate Edition+ was essentially a Switch port of NASCAR Heat 5 with updated 2021 season content. As such, there’s a good chance NASCAR Rivals will be a Switch port of NASCAR 21 Ignition with the 2022 Season expansion included.

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With a potential October release and product listing leak, NASCAR Rivals will likely be officially announced by Motorsport Games in the coming weeks.

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