New Star GP Gets Free Hot Lap Mode

a yellow race car is driving down a race track in a video game .

a yellow race car is driving down a race track in a video game .

New Star GP was one of the best surprises of the year so far. Beyond the retro-style graphics, the retro racer boasts a surprising amount of depth normally reserved for hardcore sim racing games, with pit stop strategies, changeable weather, and even tyre degredation.

A few months after its release, New Star Games has added a new game mode, making one of the best retro racers even better.

One of the best retro racers just got better

New Star GP is introducing a new hot lap mode where the aim is to set the fastest lap time on any game and beat your opponent’s ghost car on the leaderboard. Best of all, the new game mode is free on PC, with a console release following “very soon.” Hopefully, this will pave the way for a proper online multiplayer race mode.

a screenshot of a video game with a car on a race track .
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The free hot lap mode should add replay value to New Star GP, although the base game isn’t lacking in content. Inspired by early 3D arcade racers like Virtua Racing, New Star GP features an extensive career mode with 176 events including time trials, checkpoint races, reverse races, rival races, elimination events, and GP-styled races.

Each career championship takes you through multiple decades of F1-style racing, from the 1980s to the 2020s as you form rivalries with 45 drivers with unique personalities.

You’ll also race on 17 tracks inspired by real-world locations like Monaco and Silverstone with variable weather conditions. Outside of the racing, there’s also a team strategy element where you can hire staff and make decisions that affect your team’s relationships.

New Star GP Hot Lap screenshot
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Unfortunately, there’s no online multiplayer yet (remember, this is an indie game developed by a very small team), but up to four players can race together in old-school split screen.

This may not be the last update either. Speaking to RacingGames ahead of the launch earlier this year, community manager Mark Baldwin said New Star Games “would love to do the ‘70s," hinting at a possible expansion for the career mode in the future.

If you haven’t tried this superb retro racer yet, New Star GP is currently on sale on Steam with a 40% discount.

Have you played New Star GP yet? Let us know in the comments below.

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