Onrush online servers shutting down in November

Driver San Francisco isn’t the only racing game that recently suffered from server shutdowns this week.

Just four years after it was released, Codemasters’ overlooked arcade racer Onrush will also no longer be playable online.

Onrush online servers shutting down 30 November

EA has announced Onrush's servers are shutting down on 30 November. After this date, Onrush's online multiplayer will no longer be playable but offline modes will still be accessible.

"Thanks to everyone who has supported our game – it’s been a RUSH," a post on EA's Online Server Shutdown page reads.

"With player numbers in online modes dropping to low levels, we will be shutting down the servers from November 30, 2022. For Onrush fans who want to continue playing, offline modes will continue to be available."

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Codemasters hasn’t said if it plans to revive the Onrush servers on another service. But considering Onrush is delisted on the PlayStation and Xbox stores, this is very unlikely.

Launched in 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One, Onrush was developed by Codemasters Evo, a team made up of former Evolution Studios developers that worked on MotorStorm and DriveClub.

Inspired by multiplayer games like Overwatch, Onrush focuses on completing objectives in team-based modes, boosting, and taking out opponents instead of traditional racing.

With no laps or finish lines, it was a unique take on the racing genre. Ultimately, however, Onrush was a failed experiment from Codemasters.

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Although the game was well-received critically, Onrush was misunderstood and overlooked, releasing to little fanfare. Those that did play it were expecting a spiritual successor to MotorStorm, but Onrush was something different entirely.

The confusing concept and lacklustre marketing led to low sales and Codemasters Evo closing. Sales were so low that just over 1,000 physical copies were sold during its launch week. You’d be forgiven for not knowing this game ever existed.

Will Onrush still be playable offline when the servers shut down?

Shutting down Onrush's servers raises another problem too. Although you can still play the campaign after the servers close, an online connection is required to progress. This means you won’t be able to earn credits or XP to progress in the campaign.

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As an online-focused game, most of Onrush’s trophies and achievements are acquired in multiplayer. So if you’re hunting down the Onrush platinum trophy, you don’t have long to claim it.

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