Project Cars 3: Next DLC leaked, free track, new cars & more!

Project Cars 3 hasn't received the best reception from simracng fans around the world.

The lack of 'real-world' feel thanks to no tyre wear or even fuel usage which removed pit-stops really put the nail in the coffin there.

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However, the game has been frequently updated with content, and PC4 is set to be the most realistic sim ever. So, let's take a look at this DLC leak now!

Release Date

The 'Power Pack' is scheduled to launch next month, in March, although an official release date still remains unknown.

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NEW CONTENT: The game will be refreshed with new cars and tracks!

The nature of this leak releasing so early means that a true release date is likely still a few weeks out.

However, SMS may now be forced to act that the content has been leaked in full. As such, we may receive a true release date sooner!


So, the part that you came here for, the contents of the DLC pack. Excitingly, the DLC also contains some free content for players.

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GET RACING: Project Cars 3 is more of a game than an all-out sim!

The leak came via the achievements list on Xbox. This means we have six new achievements to try and complete also, which are as follows:

  • Max Power – Complete all objectives in the Power Pack Career Event (50G)
  • JDM Dream – Complete 10 races using the Nissan Silvia (S15) Spec-R Racing conversion (40G)
  • Riders On The Storm – Upgrade the Nissan 370Z to its max PIR (40G)
  • Stadium Master – Master Lake Valley Outer Long Circuit (20G)
  • Plus 5HP – Apply a Power Pack pattern to your car (20G)
  • Trueno Sprint – Win a 3+ Lap race around Lake Valley Outer Short Circuit in the Toyota Sprinter Trueno (20G)

The three vehicles and a new track are revealed by the challenges. These are the Toyota Sprinter Trueno, the Nissan Silvia S15 and the Nissan 370Z.

The free portion is the new circuit, Lake Valley, which appears to have at least two variants.


Along with the release date, we also still don't have an official price for the DLC pack.

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A BIT OF EVERYTHING: Project Cars 3 has a big variety of circuits already!

One element of the pack is free, and the DLC follows the same plan content wise as previous packs. Both of these came in at £7.99 or $9.99.

We'd be silly not to suggest an identical price for this pack also, as it seems obvious that the game is following this content and pricing plan.

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