Real Racing 4 reportedly cancelled by EA

Real Racing 4 reportedly cancelled by EA

Real Racing 4 reportedly cancelled by EA

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the hit mobile racing game Real Racing 3. You would think, then, that Real Racing 4 is only a matter of time.

With its impressive graphics and realistic physics, Real Racing 3 proves that console-quality racing games are possible on mobiles.

A sequel to one of the best racing games on mobile was apparently in development but a new report suggests Real Racing 4 has been canned.

EA cancels Real Racing 4

According to Kotaku Australia, Real Racing 4 was in development with an early access build set for release in under two months. It suggests the mobile racing sequel was far into development and about to be revealed.

Real Racing 3
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Sadly, this is no longer happening as Real Racing 4 has reportedly been cancelled.

Sources say EA’s decision to cancel Real Racing 4’s development is “purely monetary” as the publisher wasn’t confident the game would meet targets.

No Real Racing 4 screenshots or videos have been released, but the graphics and physics would likely be a significant improvement over its ten-year-old predecessor. Sadly, it looks like we’ll never find out.

Kotaku Australia added that this is the second time Racing Real 4 has been cancelled. It was last cancelled in 2019 following lay-offs at developer Firemonkeys affecting 40-50 staff.

Firemonkeys Studios suffer significant lay-offs

Real Racing 4’s latest cancellation comes after another round of lay-offs at Firemonkeys. Kotaku Australia reports that up to two-thirds of the Melbourne-based studio’s team are being laid off or moved to other projects.

As well as Real Racing 3, Firemonkeys provides live service updates for the Need for Speed No Limits and The Sims FreePlay.

Real Racing 3
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EA’s Slingshot studio in Hyderabad, India will helm future live service updates for Real Racing 3 and Need for Speed No Limits.

Kotaku Australia’s sources say Real Racing 3 and Need for Speed: No Limits are “performing well” but development shifted to Indie due to high development costs.

Other mobile racing titles developed by Firemonkeys include The Fast & the Furious: Fugitive, The Fast and the Furious: Pink Slip 3D, FIA World Rally Championship, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Nicktoons Racing.

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