Redout 2 gameplay overview trailer reveals new details

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If you're tired of waiting for a new WipEout game, you need to play Redout.

Developed by Italian studio 34BigThings, Redout combine pulse-pounding speed with a pumping soundtrack and gravity-defying tracks. Highly underrated, Redout was successful enough to get a sequel.

Following the announcement of Redout 2 last year, a new gameplay overview trailer shows what to expect from the sequel.

The fastest racing game in the universe is back

Taking place in the year 2059, you play as a pilot competing in the Solar Redout Racing League. The sense of speed looks insane, earning Redout 2 the title of “the fastest racing game in the universe.”

What sets Redout 2 apart from other anti-gravity racers is its unique control scheme. As well as controlling the ship’s acceleration, braking, and turning, you can seamlessly strafe, tilt, and boost. This allows for precise control of your ship at mind-meltingly high speeds.

Redout was punishingly difficult at times, but an advanced calibration system that automatically adjusts the difficulty will hopefully ease new players in. However, the steep learning curve makes Redout rewarding to play as you learn the tracks and master the controls.

Redout 2 features ten galactic locations, up from five in the first game. Across these locations are 36 racetracks. Each track is also playable in reverse, bringing the total number of unique tracks to 72.

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Redout 2 looks like it will fill the void of a new WipEout game

There are six game modes in the career: Time Attack, Race, Arena Race, Last Man Standing, Speed, and Boss.

Customisation is expanded significantly. After choosing from one of 12 unique chassis, you can customise your ship with a selection of propulsors, stabilisers, wings, spoilers, rocket engines, paints, and more.

Redout 2 customisation
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Customisation is expanded significantly in Redout 2

As for the soundtrack, Redout 2 features music from legendary electronic artists including Giorgio Moroder, Zardonic, and Dance with the Dead.

Interestingly, a music-mixing algorithm blends music tracks together in real-time based on your ship design and the action happening in the race.

Release date


Redout 2 races onto PC PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch later this year, with a release date to be confirmed. 

If you enjoy anti-gravity racing games and are pining for a new WipEout game, Redout 2 looks like it will fill the gaping void and revive anti-gravity racing for a new generation.

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