Redout 2 update adds new HUD, tweaks difficulty

Redout 2 landed on PC and consoles back in June. With its exhilarating sense of speed and challenging gameplay, it proved to be a worthy WipEout spiritual successor.

Just over a month after release, the first major update has deployed for PC, and it contains a host of gameplay improvements and bug fixes.


One of the main additions in patch update 1.1.0 is a redesigned head-up-display that “completes our aesthetic vision of racing at crazy speeds.” The gameplay cameras have also been adjusted to “allow for a better sensation of speed and control” – not that the sense of speed needed improving.

Redout 2 update screenshot
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The game difficulty has also been tuned, which will be a welcome relief for players frustrated by Redout 2’s steep difficulty. Redout 2’s challenge is what makes the game so rewarding and there are a wealth of assists you can apply.

However, some of the requirements to win career events were too steep. 34BigThings has addressed this by making the record times for Speed and Time Attack modes in some career events easier to allow for a “more enjoyable experience across all levels of skill.” Star requirements for progressing in events have also been adjusted.

Redout 2 screenshot
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There are also various bug fixes and other improvements. You can find a full list of changes in the Redout 2 update 1.1.0 patch notes below. For now, the update is only available on PC, but it will hopefully arrive on consoles soon.

Redout 2 update 1.1.0 patch notes

New Features

  • New HUD implemented, this new one completes our aesthetic vision of racing at crazy speeds!


  • General visual improvements and bug fixing on all environments
  • Minor addition of visual elements across different environments
  • Additional performance optimizations
  • Fixed ship explosions from dropping frames
  • Tuned game difficulty
  • Fixed crashes for first time players
  • Fixed instances where the ground would clip through the racetrack on different environments
  • Fixed an instance in which sometimes the track is displayed as inactive after the player uses time rewind
  • Fixed collisions with track and terrain in many different environments
  • Fixed to AI behaviors and respawns in many different tracks
  • Fixed a fatal error for PC users who launched the game without internet connection
  • Fixed leaderboard errors on PC
  • Fixed Tartarus Reverse tracks AI navigation and player respawn positions


  • Tuned the gameplay cameras to allow for a better sensation of speed and control
  • Record times for both “Speed” and “Time Attack” modes in various Career events made easier to achieve to allow for a more enjoyable experience across all levels of skill
  • Star requirements for progression lowered globally*


  • Events now show what rewards are unlocked
  • Fixed some localization errors displayed in the UI
  • Added additional animations to the UI when moving across windows
  • Added missing button icons for several hints in Cinematic race in Turkish
  • Fixed some pilot names not translated into Japanese
  • Updated the indicator for customization unlocks to make it more clear when new aesthetic pieces are available
  • Unlocked pieces are now displayed first when navigating visual component menus


  • Added Dynamic Mix improvements
  • Health recharge sound is now less aggressive

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