Redout 2 Winter Pack DLC adds 4 new frozen tracks

Redout 2 is the next best thing to a new WipEout game, reviving anti-gravity racing for a new generation. If you haven’t played Redout 2 for a while, the latest Winter Pack DLC adds four new frozen tracks to the anti-gravity racer.

Redout 2 Winter Pack DLC out now

Available to download for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, the Winter Pack DLC takes racers to the glacial planes and lava-stricken canyons of Mercury.

Redout 2 Winter Pack DLC
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A new Tereror Rupes environment includes three new base courses and a boss track. Each course is also reversible.

There are also 28 new events in the already-substantial career along with 29 bonus items such as liveries, colours, and cosmetics plus new music by Dance with the Dead.

Redout 2 Winter Pack DLC
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Redout 2 February 9 patch notes

Alongside the Winter Pack DLC is a new update for introducing a new Training Mode allowing players to practice their skills.

Redout 2's blistering speed and challenging tracks make it difficult to master, so this is a useful addition. A Nintendo Switch patch will be available at a later date.

New Environment

  • Introducing “Terror Rupes”! This harsh environment switches heat for cold and back again without any notice.

New Features

  • Introducing Training mode, an infinite Time Attack mode where you can test tracks, ships, and loadouts.
  • The low health warning volume level is now adjustable in Settings.


  • Changed requirements for unlocking some tutorial levels (they were unlocked earlier).
  • Arcade ships the Asera, Behemot, Wallace, ESA, Sulha, and Lunare have received a buff, with Asera and Behemoth receiving a major one and Sulha and Lunare getting a minor one.
  • Updated the hot and cold sections' visual representation on screen.
  • Changed behavior of inactive track segments. Now, they destroy the ship on contact.
  • Slightly tweaked visuals of inactive tracks. Now they’re easier to recognize.


  • Missing a landing while auto-healing or at full health now correctly destroys the ship.
  • Caribbean Dam and Mount Fuji have been optimized for better performance.
  • Fixed impossible to obtain a trophy in The Waterflow Dance tournament.
  • Fixed soft locks in the garage while using the Group menu.
  • The player can now cross the finish line while being the last in the Arena Race event.
  • Fixed an endless sound raiser on Tropical Twister.
  • Fixed an issue that potentially caused a soft lock on the Reward screen in the Career when pressing Tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused track progresses to be reset to 0% when missing the last jump in Mars Memorial - Orbiter.
  • Fixed player list width being resized while reading up in the multiplayer match in Russian.
  • Fixed first-person and chase cameras sometimes being stuck inside the ship.
  • The countdown number no longer stays on the screen after a quick restart.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect soundtrack name to be displayed when Streamer mode was enabled.
  • Fixed old in-race notifications showing up after turning the Screen HUD on.
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