rFactor 2 is getting a redesigned UI this week

rFactor 2 is nearly ten years old, but developer Studio 397 still supports it with new builds. The realistic PC racing simulation is also used for esports racing events including Formula Series and 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual. But while rFactor 2 is praised for its realistic driving physics, its menu system is criticised for being cluttered and laggy.

Thankfully, Studio 397 has responded to community feedback. This week, Factor 2 is getting a “fully ground up re-designed and modern” user interface.

rFactor 2 new 2022 UI highlights

In an official blog post, Studio 397 revealed the update adds “a wealth of usability improvements, visual enhancements and design decisions” to improve the experience. The home screen looks a lot cleaner, split into three main categories: single-player, multiplayer and competitions.

rFactor 2 new UI update 2022
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rFactor 2's simplified menu system is cleaner, sleeker, and more responsive

This simplified menu system means you can find what you’re looking for with less clicks. Performance has also improved to make the menus more responsive.

  • Brand-new audio and visual design across all pages.
  • Main menu improvements for clearer navigation, more call to actions and an easier layout to understand for new users.
  • All single player related functionality brought together into one area with cross navigation from, and to, any page in this area in order for optimized user flow.
  • Enhanced layout of every page to improve user flow and simplify interaction.
  • The settings menu has undergone a big update with clearer navigation, an easier layout and simplified user flow with fewer pages.
  • The setup area has undergone a big update with clearer navigation, an easier layout and simplified user flow with fewer pages.
  • Event screen optimizations and user flow improvements.
  • 2 brand-new showrooms.

rFactor 2 new UI release date

You’ll be able to try rFactor 2’s redesigned UI for yourself this week. Studio 397 has already tested the new UI, so it won’t release through Release Candidate updates. Instead, the new UI will roll out on 27 January in a Steam update for everyone.


More UI updates will come this year, too. Studio 397 promises the new build is “just the starting point for our planned ongoing development of the rFactor 2 UI”. Fan feedback will also influence any future UI changes.

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