rFactor 2 July 2022 release candidate adds dynamic track temperatures

rFactor 2 continues to evolve with the latest Release Candidate previewing new features and improvements planned for the PC racing simulation in the upcoming Q3 build update coming in August.

Available to download now on Steam, the rFactor 2 July 2022 Release Candidate makes changes to the anti-lock brake system and traction control, as well as introducing new track limits and dynamic track temperatures.

Real Road 2.0

One of the most significant changes in the July 2022 release candidate is the introduction of Real Road 2.0. This long-requested update adds dynamic track temperatures, increasing the level of realism in rFactor 2.

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With the launch of the July 2022 release candidate, track temperatures will now change dynamically based on weather conditions, cloud cover, and cars warming up the track surface.

As a race progresses, surface temperature changes will affect the tyre's behaviour and car handling. Different sections of track also have different temperatures. For example, shaded areas will remain cooler and heat up at different rates compared to sections of track exposed to the sun.

ABS and traction control

The July 2022 release candidate also improves rFactor 2’s ABS and traction control simulation.

Now, as the tyres lock up under heavy braking the ABS will activate and release the brakes on an individual wheel basis until grip returns. ABS will then turn off as the brake pressure returns, mirroring how ABS works in real cars.

There are also three new traction control maps: Onboard TC, Power Cut TC, and Slip Angle TC.

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Power cut TC controls how much power is cut when traction control is activated, while the slip angle TC controls the amount of lateral slip. The onboard TC map controls the longitudinal slip of the wheels before traction control kicks in.

Track limits

The track limit system for warnings and penalties is also changed, allowing for a “more robust and fairer solution for all users.” The July 2022 release candidate introduces three track limit settings: None, Default and Strict.

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There’s also a new penalty points system. If a driver exceeds three penalty points for racing incidents, they will get an automatic drive-through penalty.

You can find out more about the changes in the rFactor 2 July 2022 release candidate update notes below.


  • Updated Track Limits System taking into account many factors to award warning points for infringements, with drivers given a short amount of time post cut to give up any gained time or positions in race.
  • Ability to set Track Limits to None/Default/Strict
  • Ability to configure number of Track Limit Points before a Drive Through during race sessions.
  • Improved calculation of infringement during time off track, taking into account, time gained, distance travelled, throttle application, time off track, speed differentials, positions gained during race, wall riding and more.
  • During all sessions invalidate current lap and sometimes next lap, based on how close to the end of the lap and the size of the infringement.
  • During race sessions earn warning points, if 3 points are acquired in one go, or you pass the cumulative point limit threshold (5 by default) a drive through is given. The size of penalty increases for extreme cuts.
  • Pit Lane Exit violations are now logged and penalized accordingly (May require content updates)
  • Wrong Way Driving calculations have been tweaked to be more lenient when far from the track.
  • Strict mode intended for eSports, has harsher thresholds and invalidates all off track laps in non-race sessions.
  • Improved logging options and ModDev options for analysing cuts.


  • Added current Track Limits points to Penalties MFD Page in Race Sessions.


  • Driver labels now correctly depth buffer regardless of display mode


  • The first launch wizard controls configuration can now be re-run from the “Calibrate controls” page
  • Moved “Electronics” setup settings (TC and ABS) under the “Engine” heading, which has been renamed to “Engine & electronics”
  • Fixed damage multiplier setting description in singleplayer session settings
  • Moved damper setup settings to their own tab
  • Fixed sporadic empty car list on server join
  • Added “Track Limits Rules” singleplayer setting
  • Added “Track Limits Points Allowed” singleplayer race setting
  • Added Tender Springs to suspension setup page


  • Dynamic track temperatures based on weather conditions and cars driving on track
  • Added improved anti-lock braking and traction control systems. (Only available on the TEST version of the McLaren Senna GTR)
  • Added Traction Control Power Cut map to control the amount of TC to apply. (Only available for the new TC)
  • Added Traction Control Slip Angle map to control the target (maximum) slip angle before TC activates. (Only available for the new TC)
  • Added ABS/TC dash LEDs which show the amount of slip and show when the systems activate
  • Added Tender Springs functionality (Only available on the TEST version of the Porsche 991 GT3 Cup)
  • Networking
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  • Cars that lag too much or teleport will have collision disabled for 5 seconds.


  • Fixed loops not restarting correctly
  • Fixed loud audio spike when loading into multiplayer sessions
  • Fixed random shift sounds in the garage
  • Separated TC and Pit Limiter events
  • Fixed audio loop points
  • Fixed spotter and start lights not playing or being delayed
  • Fixed game startup without audio device or with +nosound enabled
  • Performance: Sound system now uses another thread, eliminating random frame time spikes and improving game performance


  • Batched loading warning pop up messages together for fewer popups (Dev Mode/Scene Viewer)
  • Added warning popup for assets exported with default LOD Out for optimization debugging (Dev Mode/Scene Viewer)
  • Added cancel button to show no more messages that session (Dev Mode/Scene Viewer)
  • Fixed various content issues with Showrooms and Joesville (Dev Mode/Scene Viewer)
  • Added Sideview_UI showroom to ModDev for UI screenshots of cars.
  • Fixed an issue in MapConverter where it would crash with textures named *_M_<type>.TGA

Known issues

  • Tender Spring setup description is missing
  • Cut Detection is presently very strict on turbo cars (under investigation)
  • Ambient temperature can be set arbitrarily and might not correspond to weather conditions at the track location. This can cause track temps to be very different from the ambient temperature.
  • There is no feedback for players when their collision gets turned off (due to lag).
  • One dash LED which indicates ABS/locking does not turn on when locking wheels
  • Certain car/track combos may not have any sound if the number of effects is low
  • Driver labels do not toggle correctly in the monitor
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