Ridge Racer 2 leaked for PlayStation Plus Premium

Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription service is getting a major revamp in June. Replacing PS Now, the top-tier PS Plus Premium gives access to over 340 classic PS1, PS2, and PSP games. A selection of PS3 games will also be available via streaming.

Sony hasn’t confirmed which classic PlayStation titles are coming to the service yet. However, a Reddit user has discovered images and title IDs revealing five PS1 games on Sony’s PSN servers. Presumably, these titles will be available on the new PS Plus Premium service.

Ridge Racer 2 leaked for PS Plus Premium

Of the five titles, one is of particular interest to racing game fans: Ridge Racer 2. Also known as Ridge Racers 2 in Japan, a title ID high-resolution cover image of Ridge Racer 2 was discovered on the PSN backend. Other classic PS1 games spotted on the PSN server include Tekken 2, Mr Driller, Worms World Party, and Worms Armageddon.

We expect Ridge Racer Type 4 will also be a downloadable PS1 game as it was included on the PlayStation Classic mini console.

Ridge Racers 2 artwork
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Leaked artwork suggests Ridge Racer 2 will be a downloadable PSP game on PS Plus Premium

Released in 2006 for PSP, Ridge Racer 2 is a sequel to the original Ridge Racer game that launched with the PSP in 2005. It was essentially a greatest hits compilation, with tracks from the first four classic PS1 Ridge Racer titles (Ridge Racer, Ridge Racer Revolution, Rage Racer, and Ridge Racer Type 4), and the arcade-only Rave Racer.

Running at a smooth 60fps frame rate, Ridge Racer 2 showcased Sony’s vision of console-quality gaming on the go nearly a decade before the Nintendo Switch arrived.

Ridge Racer used to be a staple of the PlayStation launch lineup. Aside from a few forgettable mobile spin-offs, there hasn’t been a new entry in the series for ten years, with 2012’s Ridge Racer Unbounded on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Ridge Racer Unbounded artwork
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Ridge Racer Unbounded was the last mainline game in the series released in 2012

But with a focus on vehicular combat and gritty graphics, Unbounded was a radical departure for the series. The last traditional game in the mainline series was 2011’s Ridge Racer on the PlayStation Vita.

Ridge Racer was rumoured to make a comeback on Nintendo Switch with Ridge Racer 8 but was reportedly cancelled. For now, Ridge Racer 2's re-release on PS Plus Premium is the probably closest we’re going to get to a new Ridge Racer game on modern hardware.

PS Plus Premium pricing

Launching on 22 June, the revamped PS Plus service will have three tiers. Like the current service, PlayStation Plus will include two free PS4 games and one PS5 game to download every month. This service costs £6.99 monthly/£19.99 quarterly/£49.99 yearly.

Costing 10.99 monthly/ £31.99 quarterly/£83.99 yearly, PlayStation Plus Essential gives access to hundreds of downloadable PS4 and PS5 games.

But if you want to play Ridge Racer 2, you’ll need the top-tier PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, which costs £13.49 monthly/£39.99 quarterly, and £99.99 yearly.

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