Rush Rally Origins brings old-school top-down rallying to Xbox One

Top-down rally games have enjoyed a resurgence with the likes of art of rally and Rush Rally Origins. The latter combines the classic top down racing from the original Rush Rally with the graphics and physics from Rush Rally 3 to create “the definitive top-down racer.”

Originally released on iOS and Android, Rush Rally Origins recently made a splash on Steam and Nintendo Switch and was critically acclaimed.

Now, Brownmonster Games has ported Rush Rally Origins to Xbox One, bringing the top-down rally racer to a larger audience.

Rush Rally Origins out now on Xbox One

Out now on the Xbox Store for £11.99 and backwards compatible on Xbox Series X|S, Rush Rally Origins is a homage to old-school top-down racers like Micro Machines.

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With the option to race from point-to-point in traditional solo rallies or race against opponents V-Rally style, Rush Rally Origins features 36 procedurally generated stages with a changeable time of day and weather. Grip levels vary depending on the terrain as you drive through snow, gravel, dirt, mud, and tarmac, resulting in a fun and satisfying handing model.

While they aren’t officially licensed, the cars in Rush Rally Origins take obvious inspiration from iconic rally cars such as the Audi Sport quattro S1, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI, and Subaru Impreza. Each car can also be upgraded.

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If you’re a fan of top-down racers, Rush Rally Origins looks like it will be worth taking for a spin.

Will Rush Rally Origins be released on PlayStation?

Now that Rush Rally Origins has been ported to Xbox One, PlayStation is the only current console Rush Rally Origins isn’t available on. Writing in a blog post, Brownmonster Games’ Stephen Brown hinted at a PlayStation port of Rush Rally Origins, which he is “hoping to get up and running at some point in the future.”

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