Sony rumoured to want a MotorStorm reboot

Rumours are swirling that a new Twisted Metal PS5 game is in development by Firesprite Games, a first-party Sony studio made up of former WipEout developers. But this isn’t the only first-party Sony driving game that could make a comeback.

According to Twitter leak account Oops Leaks, Sony could also bring back MotorStorm.

Sony wants to reboot MotorStorm

Sony has apparently discussed rebooting the MotorStorm franchise. The leaker says Sony “wants an arcade racing game associated with the PlayStation brand” to accompany the simulation-focused Gran Turismo series. However, it’s not clear if a new MotorStorm game is in development.

The leaker's credibility is also questionable. Last year, the same user claimed BioShock 4 will release in 2022 and shared apparent slideshows from a developer presentation in 2019.

While we have to take this rumour with a pinch of salt, now would be a great time for MotorStorm to make a comeback.

Is Lucid Games working on a new MotorStorm?

Reports have suggested Firesprite is taking over the development of Twisted Metal from Lucid Games, another first-party Sony Studio that developed Destruction AllStars. Unfortunately, Destruction AllStars received a mixed reception and is struggling to establish a player base.

As a result, Oops Leaks believes the MotorStorm reboot project could be given to Lucid Games. If development hasn’t started yet, it could be a few years until a new MotorStorm game smashes onto PlayStation 5.

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Destruction AllStars developer Lucid Games could be handling the MotorStorm reboot

Launched in 2007 and developed by Evolution Studios, the first MotorStorm was a PS3 launch title. Set around a festival, you raced everything from trucks and bikes to ATVs and rally cars. MotorStorm’s success spawned two PS3 sequels, Pacific Rim and Apocalypse, as well a PSP and Vita spin-off.

While there hasn’t been a new MotorStorm game since the PlayStation Vita spin-off MotorStorm: RC in 2012, the series was popular on PS3 thanks to its chaotic multi-class racing.

MotorStorm RC artwork
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There hasn't been a new MotorStorm game since the PlayStation Vita spin-off MotorStorm RC in 2012

As a more established IP with a fanbase, a new MotorStorm game would likely be more popular than Destruction AllStars.

Last year, fans even restored the online servers for the original MotorStorm on PS3, indicating there’s still strong demand for a new MotorStorm game. We hope this rumour is true because we need more arcade racers on PlayStation.  

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