Sony State of Play: Gran Turismo 7 won't show much, but what will we see?

Sony's next State of Play event kicks off this week, giving us a chance to see what's been going on behind closed doors.

The nature of these streams allows us to see where these titles are heading, and to get a good look at the games themselves.

Following GT7's delay to 2022, we assume we won't see much of it. However, what else might we see at Sony's State of Play event?

When is it?

The event takes place tomorrow, Thursday February 25, at 10PM UK time.

Sony SoP
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REVEAL TIME: We get to see some awesome gameplay at these events!

These often last around 30 minutes, so with a finish time of roughly 10:30, you shouldn't have to set too many extra alarms in the morning!

This timing should allow as many people as possible across the globe to view the event at a reasonable hour.

Where can I see it?

You can watch it on both YouTube and Twitch, through the official PlayStation channels.

Sony SoP 1
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EYE-OPENER: We always get to see some awesome gameplay!

There have been previous events that last longer, so make sure you leave that tab up for longer!

The event will be the classic voiceover with gameplay that we've come to love with previous State of Play events.

What will be in it?

Undoubtedly, we won't see as much from Gran Turismo 7 as we wanted to see. However, we may see some more gameplay just not as much as we hoped for.

gran turismo 7
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GRAN TURISMO 7: A delay until 2022 is bad news for fans!

Other than that, we assume we'll see plenty from Horizon Forbidden West as well as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

Similarly, some more news concerning God of War Ragnarok wouldn't go amiss.

As far as other racing games are concerned, news will likely be quite light. Many of the title have either seen delays, or are available across multiple platforms.

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