Splash Cars looks like Splatoon with cars

With Gran Turismo 7 dominating the sales charts, it’s easy to overlook other new racing game releases. GRID Legends came out just one week before GT7, and its sales are suffering as a result. Out today on PS5 and PS4 is Splash Cars, a unique game that mixes driving with painting.

Paint the town

Developed by Paper Bunker, Splash Cars has a simple concept. As you drive around the drab, colourless map, paint from the back of your car splatters the environment. Played from an isometric 3D perspective, the objective is to restore colour to the streets, grass, and buildings. It sounds a lot like Splatoon with cars instead of Inklins.   

Splash Cars screenshot
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As you restore colour to the map, cops will try to stop your cause

Cops will chase you and try to hinder your progress, but power-ups that shrink or super-size your car give you an advantage. You can also get NPC drivers to help your cause or paint the town with friends in cooperative play.

As you would expect from a game where paint is pivotal, each of the 15 cars can be personalised with custom paint jobs.


Cheap and cheerful

It remains to be seen if Splash Cars' paint concept runs dry after a few rounds. The graphics also look dated, but Splash Cars otherwise looks like a fun, casual driving game with a quirky concept.

Splash Cars screenshot 2
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Each car can be personalised with custom paint jobs

Originally developed for PC, Splash Cars is out now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S for £5.79/$6.99/€6.99. A demo is also available for the Steam version, which costs £3.99, or you can download Splash Cars on iOS or Android for free.

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