Sunrise GP is a new colourful arcade racer coming to Nintendo Switch

From Horizon Chase Turbo to Hotshot Racing, arcade racers have been making a comeback in recent years thanks to indie studios. Now, one more can be added to this growing list.

Developed by Polish indie studio Garage 5 and published by Gamedust, Sunrise GP is a new retro-inspired arcade racer that’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

Racing with a road trip atmosphere

Garage 5’s new arcade racer combines racing with a relaxing road trip atmosphere, presented in a bold, colourful, and cartoony art style harking back to '90s arcade racers.

Sunrise GP
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Sunrise GP combines racing with a relaxing road trip atmosphere

Sunrise GP features a single-player campaign with Grand Prix races and challenges, as well as  split-screen local multiplayer mode for up to four players. Other game modes include a challenge mode and quick race.

While the art style is simplistic, the handling of each car differs significantly in the “physics-based gameplay,” adding to the challenge. There are no licensed vehicles, but the fictional cars are inspired by classics from Eastern Europe.

Races take place in a variety of locations around the world. There is also a photo mode allowing you to capture shots of the picturesque scenery during road trips.

Release date

If you enjoy retro-inspired arcade racers or are looking for a casual racer to play on the go when you need a break from serious racing in Gran Turismo 7, Sunrise GP could be one to watch.

Sunrise GP 2
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Sunrise GP looks like it will bring back memories of classic '90s arcade racers

There is no release date yet, but a release is planned for 2022. It will need to stand out from the pack though, as 2022 is a very crowded year for new racing game releases.

This isn’t the only retro arcade racer coming to Switch this year either, as Victory Heat Rally is also releasing on Nintendo’s hybrid console this year.

Currently, Sunrise GP is penned for Nintendo Switch, but we’re hoping it will become available on more platforms.  

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