Truck racing coming soon to RaceRoom

RaceRoom Racing Experience is getting a huge update soon, with developer KW Studios bringing truck racing to the PC racing simulation for the first time.

RR Truck coming to RaceRoom

In a Steam post, Sector3 Studios announced the RR Truck is joining RaceRoom’s vehicle roster soon.

RaceRoom truck racing
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In terms of specifications, it’s powered by a 12.4-litre six-cylinder engine delivering a massive 1,100 hp and mated to a 16-speed gearbox. You’ll certainly need all that power considering it weighs a whopping 5,300 kg.

An authentic truck racing experience

Developed in collaboration with truck driver Sascha Lenz, KW Studios aims to bring an authentic truck racing experience to RaceRoom.

In a real racing truck, there are eight gears split into two ratios, which can be switched at the press of a button. Low Split for gears 1-4 provides better acceleration while High Split for gears 5-8 enables a higher top speed.

Due to the engine producing a large amount of torque at a low RPM, most drivers only use a couple of the top gears in truck racing.

RaceRoom truck racing
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The gears are operated with a specially-designed gearstick in a real racing truck. Replicating this in RaceRoom are three accessibility options. Easy mode shifts the gears automatically, while Normal requires sequential gear shifts using paddles or sequential stick.

Advanced mode switches to H Pattern shifts, meaning you’ll need to bind a key for toggling gear ranges to access Low and High gear ranges.

Naturally, a 5,300kg truck needs some serious stopping power. Not only will you need to manage the gears, but you’ll also need to manage the water cooling for the brakes. The tank capacity is limited to 200 litres too, so you’ll need to keep an eye on the HUD and manage it carefully.

RaceRoom truck racing
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A key can be assigned to manually spray water onto the brake discs, or it will activate automatically when the breaks exceed 350 degrees C. Like in real life, the racing truck is limited to a 160 kph top speed for safety reasons.

The RR Truck will require a different driving style compared to the GT3 cars players are used to racing - it’s easy to tip onto two wheels when driving over an apex curb thanks to the high centre of gravity.

Truck racing is underrepresented in video games, with the last major release being FIA European Truck Racing Championship in 2019. Hopefully, RaceRoom can give this discipline some much-needed exposure in sim racing.

Release date

There’s no release date or pricing details yet, but KW Studios says the RR Truck is coming to RaceRoom “very soon.”

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