Ubisoft lays out Riders Republic Year 1 roadmap

Modern video games don't stay the same. Always online features means updates are consistently coming down the pipe, and Riders Republic is set to be the latest "game as a service" from Ubisoft.

While we are pumped to pull on a wing suit, fix on our skis and grab out BMX, Ubisoft has laid out what players can expect from Riders Republic for the first year of its life.

Let's take a look!

Riders Republic Year 1 Pass

As you might expect with a game that provides expansive extreme sport action, there will be four Seasons to the first year of the game, but they aren't your usual Summer, Autumn, Winter, & Spring. Oh no.

Riders Republic will start with a Pre-Season dubbed "The Grand Opening" which will feature several multiplayer modes to get everyone in the right mood for the great outdoors!

Season 1 is called "Winter Bash", with Season 2 getting dubbed "Showdown Time" and Season 3 simply being "BMX".

While there is free content for players in each season, those with the Year 1 Pass will get some awesome pieces of kit in each season along with early access to Season 2 and Season 3.

Riders republic year one roadmap
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Live events and more

From Season 1 onward there will be live events, as well as time-limited multiplayer experiences. These should provide unique challenges and experiences within the game for players to tackle.

Players will be able to unlock rewards through the seasonal progression system, and Year 1 Pass owners will, of course, pick up additional extras and cosmetics bundles.

BMX Add-On

The biggest news here is that from Season 3 BMX tracks and bowls are getting added. There will be a new BMX career track with new sponsors and events for Year 1 Pass owners as well as dedicated arenas.

Will we be getting a Mat Hoffman-like game mode? We certainly hope so!


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