Watch the new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown “Together We Drive” trailer

After suffering a delay until 2023, Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown was one of the most anticipated games being shown at Nacon Connect. Every few seconds, the comments were flooded with users wanting to see TDUSC in the livestream.

Since TDUSC was revealed back in 2020, Kylotonn’s ambitious open-world racer has only been shown in CGI trailers.

With TDUSC arriving next year, we were hoping to see some actual gameplay footage at Nacon Connect. A new trailer was revealed at Nacon Connect, but it showed very little gameplay.

Together We Drive trailer

The new trailer titled “Together we Drive” shows a few brief shots of a McLaren and Porsche 911R roaming the night-time streets of Hong Kong Island, giving us a first look at the in-game engine – albeit a very brief one.

As lead designer Guillaume Guinet explains, TDUSC is not just a racing game – “it’s about experiencing a car.” TDU has always been about the experience of owning a car, from buying your car at the dealership to customising it to your personal specification.

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TDUSC sees you compete in a tournament across Hong Kong Island and working the Streets or the Sharps, two rival clans in the game. 

New screenshots

In addition to the trailer, new Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown screenshots have been released showcasing the diversity of the environments.

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Set in an open-world 1:1 recreation of Hong Kong Island, you’ll be driving across different landscapes from road, gravel, and grass, with the different surfaces affecting the car handling.

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Sadly, the trailer didn’t confirm a release date. Originally planned for a September 2022 release, TDUSC will be released sometime in 2023. 

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