Wreckfest Racing Legends Tournament update adds a free track

After smashing onto PC, Playstation, and Xbox, Wreckfest is making its Nintendo Switch debut next month. You can now pre-order the Switch version.

But if you already own Wreckfest and need a reason to return to BugBear’s destructive banger racing game, the new Racing Legends Tournament update adds a new free track, as well as new challenges and rewards. 

New free Torsdalen Circuit

The highlight of the update is a new free track to wreak havoc in. Named after renowned Wreckfest community modder Tor Ole Lerbæk, the Torsdalen Circuit is a new rallycross circuit inspired by Finnish folk racing.

Wreckfest Racing Legends update Torsdalen Circuit screenshot
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Wreckfest's new free Torsdalen Circuit is named after a community modder.

A tight and technical circuit, the Torsdalen Circuit includes a main and short layout in forward and reverse configurations.

Unfortunately, however, a bug is causing the game to crash when loading the Torsdalen Circuit, greeting you with an ominous flashing red fatal error warning. BugBear is working to resolve the issue “as soon as possible.” Let’s hope a hotfix is deployed soon.

Racing Legends Tournament

The first update since March’s Getaway Chase Tournament, the Wreckfest Racing Legends Tournament features a new Race Attack challenge with the Roadslayer GT. In Race Attack, points are awarded per each meter travel. The higher your position, the better your score, with bonus points awarded each lap.

Earn enough Fame Points, and you claim a new paint bundle for the Roadslayer GT from the tournament shop and a new paint job for the Tristar.

The Racing Legends Tournament will run throughout May and June. Wreckfest’s Tournament updates used to be monthly but are now released every two months.

Wreckfest Racing Legends Tournament update
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The latest Wreckfest tournament update features a number of challenges to complete and rewards to earn.

In addition to the free track and new tournament, the latest update adds a new Cup Mode, making it easier to run online cups with multiple events.

Spectator Mode, on the other hand, enables a Host, Admin or Moderator to set any player as a spectator for online races. Players using Spectator Mode can watch the carnage unfold and capture highlights with photo mode or streaming.

Cup Mode and Spectator mode were already available in the PC game, but the update adds these new features to the console games for the first time.

Check out the patch notes below for a full list of changes in the latest Wreckfest Racing Legends Tournament Update patch notes.

Wreckfest Racing Legends Tournament Update Patch Notes

Game version

PS5: 1.019
PS4: 02.19
PC: 1.286966


New track Torsdalen Circuit with two layouts in both forward and reverse configurations.

Server admins note: the internal designation for the track and its layouts are as follows:

Main Circuit: forest13_1
Main Circuit Reverse: forest13_1_rev
Short Circuit: forest13_2
Short Circuit Reverse: forest13_2_rev


  • New tournament season: Racing Legends
  • New reward bundles for Roadslayer GT and Tristar


  • (Consoles) Added a multiplayer Cup Mode for server-side points tracking across multiple events.
  • (Consoles) Players can be now set as spectators by Host/Admin/Moderator in the lobby.
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