Wreckfest smashes its way onto mobiles

As poor ports like WRC 10 have shown, optimising third-party racing games for Nintendo Switch can be a nightmare. And yet BugBear Entertainment somehow pulled it off, releasing a surprisingly faithful port of Wreckfest on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

If that wasn’t already impressive enough, the wizards at HandyGames have ported Wreckfest to mobiles.

Wreckfest Mobile out now on Android and iOS

Following player registrations, Wreckfest Mobile is out now on Android and iOS. Now you can enjoy causing mayhem in Wreckfest wherever you go.

Wreckfest Mobile screenshot
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As you can see in the release trailer, Wreckfest mobile is an impressive port and appears to run smoothly despite all the carnage. This is no mean feat for a destruction racing game with an advanced damage model, lots of destructible physics objects on tracks, and grids of up to 24 cars.

Like its PC and console counterparts, the demolition derby game features soft-body damage modelling and realistic physics, with 80 customisable cars and 45 race tracks.

Wreckfest Mobile screenshot
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To make the game easier to play on mobiles, a gyroscopic steering option has been added. There’s no online multiplayer sadly, but Wreckfest Mobile supports local multiplayer instead.

Another downside is that the DLC isn’t included. While there are no pay-to-win elements or advertisements, additional vehicle packs can be purchased as DLC.

Platforms and price

Wreckfest Mobile can be downloaded on the App Store, Google Play Store, and Samsung Galaxy Store for £8.49/$9.99.

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