Wreckfest: Wrecknado, Reckless Car Pack, update, patch notes & more

Wreckfest is one of the most entertaining racers out there right now, and a new update is bringing fresh content to the game.

From a new DLC pack to fresh tracks and tournament modes, there is a lot to get through!


Let's start with Wrecknado!

The name gives you a clue about it, but the destruction goes beyond expectations.

Wrecknado promises new tracks, unique rewards, and new challenges and is a free update.

Download it and get wrecking!

Reckless Car Pack

There is also a new car pack DLC. This is included in the Seaosn Pass 2, but if you don't have it then it will set you back £3.99.

The Gorbie, Blade, and Stepvan enter the game. The Stepvan is a classic ice cream truck and already looks like a favourite.

Patch notes

Coming in at 8.5GB it's a pretty chucky update that fixes quite a few things. Included in that is support for the new content and DLC, but what else is there?


  • Player no longer gets kicked mid-event when they start holding down throttle before the event starts.
  • (Dedicated Server) Increased admin_steam_ids and op_steam_ids maximum parameter size to 1024 characters.
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WRECK OR BE WRECKED: It's an unforgiving world

Vehicles & gameplay

  • Improved Rocket RX handling.
  • Improved Sofa Car handling.
  • Added the Rocket stock exhaust as an option for Rocket RX.
  • A number of small special vehicles no longer receive unexpected amounts of damage.
  • Improved Bumper Car performance to make it a Class C vehicle like its peers.
  • Upgrade parts now correctly follow the deformed shape of the vehicle.
  • Fixed Starbeast SS reversing light glitch.
  • Raven steel mesh is now correctly visible in all LOD levels.
  • Fixed inconsistent Hornet bumper weights.
  • Fixed inconsistent Killerbee S bumper weights.


  • Boomer/Boomer RS: Increased RPM safety limit to prevent sounds from cutting of at engine redline in some cases.
  • Razor: Adjusted camera-view based audio filtering settings of turbocharger whine to include less high-frequency content over mid-to-high engine rpm range.
wreckfest 1
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EXCUSE ME, COMING THROUGH: Don't let traffic get in your way

Tournament mode

  • New tournament season: Wrecknado.
  • New taxi cab themed reward bundle "Taxi Wrecker" for Rammer RS.
  • New drag racing themed reward bundle "Drag 55" for Bulldog.


These XB1 changes are not live yet, but coming soon

  • (XB1) Leaderboard updates are now more reliable.
  • (XB1) Leaderboards are displayed for all tracks.
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