BeamNG: The simulator that makes crashing the objective...

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If you're involved in the simracing community, chances are you've heard of BeamNG already.

However, you may not have given it the time of day yet.


So, we're here to tell you why BeamNG is the simulator that not only rewards crashing, but that you also have to try!


This sim focuses on soft-body physics. That is, for us, how physics works in the real world.

BeamNG 3 1
RALLYING: The game has a number of ways you can race!

So, if you hit a wall in a Formula One car, chances are parts of the car will bend and break. BeamNG takes that idea, and makes it real.

So, the sim has a strong focus on this realism, and how cars interact with real world objects... Like cliffs.

A gap in the market

One of the biggest reason car games like Forza and Gran Turismo have little to no damage is a stipulation from the manufacturers.

BeamNG 2
RACE ANYWHERE: Mods mean that you can race anywhere!

These manufacturers don't want to see their cars smashed up in bits on a track, and so Polyphony Digital's, and others', hands are tied!

So, BeamNG also fills a gap in that respect, as nowhere else will you see anything like this for conventional cars in sim racing! Well, conventional cars that are different just enough that a lawsuit is dodged...


Risky Racing

So, with the knowledge of how devastating a crash could be, surely racing is awful?

BeamNG 1
NO FORGIVENESS: A crash is very well race ending in this game!

Wrong! Racing just becomes an entirely different beast, as you have the knowledge that at any time you could end up hurtling off into the gravel trap as your car disintegrates.


This isn't everyone's idea of fun, but it sure is a blast for us!

Time for a crash

The best part of BeamNG is that there are levels dedicated to making the best crash.

BeamNG 1 1
WHACKY CRASHES: You really can make any scenario you wish!

That's right, whole scenarios where the sole objective is to see how much you can ruin a car. There are even mods to make this incredible physics engine even better.

As such, BeamNG is less of a dedicated sim racer, and more of a canvas for creative people to make whatever they want.

You can check out BeamNG on Steam here!