7 tracks from the Gran Turismo series we'd love to see in Gran Turismo Sport

One thing that we love about Gran Turismo Sport is the large selection of tracks available to race at.

All your favourites are here, including legendary real-life venues like Spa-Francorchamps and 'the Green Hell' of the Nordschleife. GTS also has some excellent fictional tracks, like the gorgeous Autodrome Lago Maggiore and the white-knuckle Dragon Trail.

But it's fair to say that it's is missing some classics from previous Gran Turismo games. Here, we look at seven tracks from some of the old titles we'd love to see in GTS.

1. Grand Valley Speedway

With plenty of banking and tunnels, Grand Valley is a super-fun track that’s been a staple of every GT title except GTS.

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KODAK MOMENT: The stunning bridge section is one of the best straights in any Gran Turismo game

Starting out in a stadium section, the track winds around a valley with plenty of blind corners followed by high-speed sections, but perhaps the most memorable moment is speeding over the terrific bridge section.

2. Deep Forest Raceway

Like Grand Valley, Deep Forest has appeared in all the other GT games except GTS - and that’s a huge shame. Set in a thickly wooded forest with the back straight on a cliff edge, it’s a mixture of long sweeping turns and tight banked corners, making it deceptively difficult.

deep forest
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COSY: The sunlight poking through the gaps in the trees really gives you the feeling you're in a deep forest

3. Cote d'Azur (Monaco)

This picturesque track set in the south of France is literally a reimagined version of the legendary Monaco F1 circuit. Available in all but the first two GT games, as well as GTS, this track is famous for its unforgiving barriers and tight, low-speed corners.GT games have dabbled with plenty of real-life F1 tracks in the past and GTS itself has the likes of Spa-Francorchamps and Interlagos, but we’d love to race around the streets of Monaco, too!

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TUNNEL: Cote d'Azur is littered with iconic sections of the Monaco track

4. El Capitan

Even if you don't like this track, the views around El Capitan - set in the Yosemite National Park - are breathtaking. A combination of fast, sweeping corners and blind hilly straights, this GT4 track is perhaps best loved for the El Capitan 200 Miles endurance race.

el capitan
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PEAKS: It's hard to look while you're racing, but El Capitan's scenery really is stunning

5. Trial Mountain

Our list would not be complete without Trial Mountain!

Set in a forest clearing situated in a mountainous area, this brilliant circuit features several blind corners, three tunnels and a long, uphill back straight.

Fans of this track will be delighted to hear that it appears in the GT7 trailer, although it has seemingly been given a complete overhaul from its original design. The circuit now appears to be wider, the length appears to be longer, and many of the corners have been re-profiled, including a modified final chicane.

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BIG AIR: Take to the skies in the bumpy straight on Trial Mountain

6. Tahiti Maze

The terrifying Tahiti Maze is perhaps the most difficult track on this list. It requires plenty of skill and concentration to get through, with its tight S-bends and unforgiving hairpins.

Based on the island of Moorea in French Polynesia, the Tahiti Maze is remembered in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec for it's tarmac stadium section which filters into a more traditional rally setting with winding, gravel roads which overlook a beautiful beach scene.

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BREATHTAKING: Feast your eyes on that glorious blue ocean in the Tahiti Maze beach section

7. Seattle Circuit

Turn up that grunge song on your radio, because we're ending our tour of classic GT tracks in Seattle!

This city-street circuit appears to be at least partly raced on public roads, complete with road signs and overhead traffic lights, tight, 90-degree bends and unforgiving barriers on each side.

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URBAN: Take in the screech of your tyres as you round the bends of the Seattle Circuit

Gran Turismo 7

We're hoping to see a number of old GT tracks in the upcoming Gran Turismo 7, although we're being made to wait for the next game in the series.

In the meantime, which classic tracks do you notice in the trailer?


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