Star Wars: New open-world game by Ubisoft could open the door for racing

So, the big announcement from Ubisoft is that a new Star Wars game is on its way.

Obviously, we're incredibly excited for this game to come out. However, we're also petrolheads, so we got thinking...

Does this mean there's scope for Star Wars racing? Will there be podracing and other vehicles? Can we race all of them?!

Faster than Obi-Wan

Before we get too carried away, let's take a look at the potential here.

Star Wars Podracing
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PODRACING: Can you tell we're slightly excited for this title's potential?

The studio is also behind The Crew 2, another open-world game but this time in our favourite thing, cars!

In fact, the game is even being overseen by the same Creative Director, Julian Gerighty. That's right, the guy who helped make The Crew and The Division titles.

So, in our eyes, that means we may see various forms of transportation in the game.

Cyberpunk woes

Now, our main hope (other than to see the glorious return of podracing), is that the game is well made.

CP2077 MP TN 2
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CYBERPUNK 2077: The game was a mess upon release!

As we've seen with certain previous titles, such as Cyberpunk 2077, there are all manner of glitches and errors that can mar a games release.

With Ubisoft at the helm, we're sure this won't happen. However, you never really know anymore, so our finger's are crossed for a smooth release and an awesome game for us all to enjoy!

Following GTA's footsteps

If there's one title we know of that's mastered the mix of online car culture, racing, and open-world, it's GTA V and GTA Online.

GTA Online Vehicles
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GTA ONLINE: This game has perfectly (well, sort of) encapsulated the car community!

We understand the title will be framed very differently, it is, after all, in an existing universe with a plethora of storylines already explored and many more to open up.

However, with The Crew being one of the Creative Director's previous games, we hope the scope for this includes some awesome vehicular based gameplay.

Who doesn't want to jump in an X-wing and go soaring through canyons or run daring time trials on speeders??

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