Why Project Cars 3 not coming to next-gen is a good thing for gamers!

Project Cars 3 has had a mixed reception, and it's easy to see why given the features of the game.

Many people lamented SMS's choice to remove a number of the key elements that a sim requires. They even completely removed pit stops!

However, we now know that PC3 definitely won't have a dedicated next-gen version. Here's why we think that's a good thing!

Project Cars 3

The game itself is a mixed bag. It looks phenomenal, and contains an awesome variety of vehicles.

Project Cars 3 Mclaren
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ADDITIONS: The game has received a fair amount of DLC!

However, it removed a number of the very key elements that make a sim a sim. Not only were pitstops removed, both tyre wear and fuel consumption left the game.

This lack of a sim element lead much of the community to immediately fall out of love with the game. The title has since gone on to be undeniably the least successful of the franchise.

Project Cars 3 dodges next-gen

The developers of the game recently confirmed that the game will be dodging next-gen.

fuji speedway project cars 3
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ARCADE: The game certainly aimed itself at an arcade audience!

You can, if you wish to, still play the game through backwards compatibility. This allows you to play the game in glorious 4K resolution and the rest of the next-gen features.

However, if on PS5, your DualSense controller will not benefit from the added features!

Why this is a good thing

We have already seen that Project Cars 4 is said to be the most realistic simulation game ever made.

Project Cars 3 Style Pack
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HIGH HOPES: We remain hopeful for Project Cars 4!

Likely, had the team instead opted to focus on Project Cars 3 coming to next-gen, Project Cars 4 would be a shadow of what we hope it's shaping up to be.

For simracers, the fact the game isn't coming to next-gen, is a good thing! Instead, the team is clearly focussing on making the next title phenomenal.

Simracers around the world will be hoping the team can deliver on their outlandish promise, and now that the studio will indirectly have EA's backing, they'll certainly have enough resources to do so.

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