Would crossplay leave F1 players open to the same issues as Warzone?

One of the main things holding back crossplay on all platforms is cheating. Warzone, Call of Duty's leading Battle Royale, is good evidence of this.

Another element holding it back is the powerful hardware seen in PCs, if you choose to build one as such.

So, with crossplay becoming more and more common, and F1 2021 launching this year, will we see the same issues in our beloved racing titles?


Crossplay, for those that don't know, is the ability to play a single game across multiple platforms.

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CLOSE COMPETITION: Crossplay let's the best of the best race against each other!

It's a great way for friends to stay playing games together, with players on PlayStation, Xbox and PC able to team up.

It is still a relatively new feature in gaming, and it's good to see it becoming more and more common. It really does allow for games to embrace their multiplayer aspects.


If you haven't played it, you've heard of it by now. Warzone is the current, standalone, free-to-play arm of Call of Duty, with many millions of players.

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ADVANTAGES: PC players will often have much more powerful hardware than consoles!

Since the switch to crossplay for Call of Duty, many have complained of the blatant spread of hackers. Likewise, we have the hardware differences between console and PC.

Many PC players have a wider FOV and a far higher frame rate, which is a huge benefit to those playing with it.

Crossplay in F1 2021

With Codemasters now a part of EA, many have speculated about a push to crossplay for their racing titles.

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ONLINE PROBLEMS: A larger online playerbase could allow for more hackers!

If this does happen, that would put console and PC players in the same lobbies for online races. But what about any issues this could bring?

The hardware differences remain regardless, with players on PC benefiting from a higher frame rate. However, there is still the potential for hacks to become more common.

Despite this, we don't see too much potential for these hacks to become as prevalent as Warzone. The nature of the game, racing and driving skill, still relies heavily on the player racing well. That can't be made up for completely with a simple cheat!

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