How do I turn on 2FA in Rocket League?

Rocket League is arguably some of the most fun you can have in a video game. The fabled car football game is seven years old now, but Rocket League is still remarkably popular. This is thanks to Rocket League’s accessibility, addictive fast-paced gameplay, and regular updates, with the Neon Nights event replacing Lucky Lanterns this year.

Certain items in Rocket League can be traded online with other players such as Revealed Blueprints, credits, and Rocket Pass items from Pro Tiers. However, trading items in Rocket League requires 2-factor authentication. How do you turn on 2FA in Rocket League? Read on to find out.

How do I turn on 2FA in Rocket League?

To turn on 2FA in Rocket League, you first need to log into your account on the Epic Games Store website. You then need to select the Password & Security tab and click on the Two-Factor Authentication button.

From here, you can select the type of 2FA you want to add to your account. This can be either email, SMS, or authenticator apps. After choosing your 2FA option, you’re ready to go.

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Item trading in Rocket League requires a 2-factor authentication

As well as enabling item trading in Rocket League, 2FA makes your Epic Games account more secure. When 2FA is activated, you’ll need to enter an access code sent to either your phone, email, or authenticator app to log in.

Neon Nights event

Despite being popular in 2020 and 2021, the Lucky Lanterns event isn’t returning this year to celebrate Lunar New Year. Instead, the Neon Nights event is replacing Lucky Lanterns in 2022.

Rocket League Neon Nights
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Rocket League's Neon Nights event replaces Lucky Lanterns this year

Celebrating the music of Rocket League, completing challenges in the Neon Nights event unlocks earn GRIMES-themed items. These include the Gravitator and Space Queen Toppers, Braided Trail, GRIMES decal, GRIMES wheels, and a GRIMES player banner.

In addition, Golden Moons unlock items from the Impact, Nitro, and Overdrive item Series. The chaotic Heatseeker Ricochet mode also returns for a limited time.

The Rocket League Neon Nights event started on 26 January and ends on 8 February.

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