Rocket League celebrates May 4th with Star Wars Droid Packs

Rocket League celebrates May 4th with Star Wars Droid Packs

Rocket League celebrates May 4th with Star Wars Droid Packs

There have been several Rocket League tie-ins over the years, with themed cars based on James Bond, Fast & Furious and Batman to name a few. And now Star Wars can be added to that list.

To celebrate May 4th (which every fan knows is Star Wars Day), Star Wars-themed Droid Packs are coming to Rocket League based on iconic characters from the galaxy far, far away.

Rocket League Star Wars Droid Packs

Four Droid Packs are arriving in Rocket League on 4 May to distract you from Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Each car features decals inspired by iconic Star Wars droids.

For example, the R2-D2 Pack includes an R2-D2 Octane Decal and matching Wheels along with an animated R2-D2 Topper that swivels and flashes.

Rocket League R2-D2 Droid Pack
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The C-3PO Pack comes with a C-3PO Fennec Decal and Wheels inspired by the gold protocol droid, while the BB-8 Pack includes an animated Topper, BB-8 Takumi Decal and matching Wheels.

Rocket League C3PO Droid Pack
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Inspired by the security droid in Rogue One, the K-2SO Pack includes a K-2SO Dominus Decal and Wheels based on the character’s Imperial paint job.

In addition, players can also get a free Rust Bucket Player Title and Star Wars R2-D2 Player Banner in the Item Shop on 4 May.

Rocket League BB8 Droid Pack
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Droid Pack Bundles

While each Droid Pack is available separately, there will also be a bundle containing all four packs along with bonus items.

In addition to the four packs, the Star Wars Droid Bundle includes an R2-D2 Player Anthem and Droid Player Title.

The Star Wars Droid + Car Bundle includes all four packs and bonus content from the Droid Pack plus a Gold Fennec, Black Dominus, Cobalt Octane, and Orange Takumi.

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