Rocket League Season 9 adds new car, arena and Rocket Pass Items

Rocket League Season 9 is here. Kicking off today (7 December), Rocket League Season 9 has a fire and ice theme in contrast to Season 8's street theme, with the latest season bringing a new car, new Rocket Pass Items, a new arena, and much more.

Rocket League Season 9 start time

Rocket League Season 9 starts today (7 December) and ends on 8 March. That gives you plenty of time to collect every new reward on offer.

Rocket Pass

Rocket Pass owners can get the new Emperor muscle car available in four variants. The base car is available with Rocket Pass Premium and you can also unlock the upgraded Emperor II by working through the Tiers.

Rocket League Season 9
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Two more versions of the Emperor can also be yours in the Pro Tiers including the ice-themed Emperor II: Frozen and fire-themed Emperor II: Scorched. Available in Rocket Pass Premium, all versions of the Emperor use the Breakout Hitbox.

You can also kit out the Emperor with the new Constella Decal Decal, Piercer: Crystalised Wheels, and Forerunner: Roasted Wheels items. New Ice Drake and Fire Drake Player Banners are also available in the Season 9 Rocket Pass.

Reaching the Rocket Pass Pro Tiers unlocks the Brimstone Goal Explosion at Tier 95 and Ice Age Goal Explosion at Tier 115. For dramatic effect, these Player Banners temporarily cover the entire arena in fire or ice.

New arenas

As well as a new car, Season 9 adds a new Fire & Ice variant of the Forbidden Temple arena. For Season 9, this version of Forbidden Temple is covered in ice and lava.

Rocket League Season 9
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Tournament rewards

As for Tournament rewards, you can win the Seared Trail, Fireball Boost, and Oil Can Antenna. Season 9 also adds a new Fire Clap Goal Explosion, Skulking Scale decal Black Market Rewards.

Limited time events

The holiday-themed Frosty Fest and music-themed Neon Nights Limited Time Events are also returning later this season. Times and dates for these returning LTM will be announced soon.

Rocket League Season 9 update patch notes

The headlines

  • Season 9 Rocket Pass, featuring the Emperor car, has begun
  • The new ‘Forbidden Temple (Fire & Ice)’ Arena is live in Online Playlists, Private Matches, Exhibition Matches, and Free Play
  • Season 8 Rewards are dropping for all eligible players

Season 9

Rocket Pass

  • Season 9 Rocket Pass, featuring the Emperor car, has begun
    • Emperor uses the Breakout hitbox


  • Season 9 Tournaments are now available
  • Any unspent Season 8 Tournament Credits automatically convert into rewards
    • Tournament Credits have converted to the highest level reward you are capable of earning based on your Tournament Rank and the amount of Tournament Credits you have remaining
    • Every player who played in at least one tournament this season will receive one All-Star cup
  • New Tournament Reward items have been added


  • Season 9 Stage 1 Challenges are live


  • Season 9 Competitive has started
  • Season 9 Changes
    • Similar to previous seasons, a soft reset has been applied to all Competitive Playlists

New content

New Arena Variant

  • The new Arena ‘Forbidden Temple (Fire & Ice)’ is now available

Season 8 Competitive Rewards

  • Season 8 Competitive has ended. Season Reward Items and Titles will be awarded for your highest Rank achieved during the season, and successful completion of the appropriate Season Reward Levels.
  • Season 8 Rewards are non-tradable Player Banners
    • Bronze I or higher: ‘S8 – Bronze’ Player Banner
    • Silver I or higher: ‘S8 – Silver’ Player Banner + lower rewards
    • Gold I or higher: ‘S8 – Gold’ Player Banner + lower rewards
    • Platinum I or higher: ‘S8 – Platinum’ Player Banner + lower rewards
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  • Diamond I or higher: ‘S8 – Diamond’ Player Banner + lower rewards
  • Champion I or higher: ‘S8 – Champion’ Player Banner + lower rewards
  • Grand Champion I: ‘S8 – Grand Champion’ Player Banner + lower rewards
  • Supersonic Legend: ‘S8 – Supersonic Legend’ Player Banner + lower rewards
  • Grand Champion Titles (in Crimson text)
    • Competitive Grand Champion: ‘S8 GRAND CHAMPION’
    • Rumble Grand Champion: ‘S8 RNG CHAMP’
    • Hoops Grand Champion: ‘S8 DUNK MASTER’
    • Snow Day Grand Champion: ‘S8 BLIZZARD WIZARD’
    • Dropshot Grand Champion: ‘S8 FLOOR DESTROYER’
  • Supersonic Legend Titles (in Titanium White text)
    • Competitive Supersonic Legend: ‘S8 SUPERSONIC LEGEND’
    • Rumble Supersonic Legend: ‘S8 RNGENIUS’
    • Hoops Supersonic Legend: ‘S8 LEGENDARY BALLER’
    • Snow Day Supersonic Legend: ‘S8 ICE TITAN’
    • Dropshot Supersonic Legend: ‘S8 TILE ANNIHILATOR’

Changes and updates


  • Retired the “PsyNet” default avatar icon
    • This is replaced on all platforms with the blank headshot avatar
  • Quick Chat: Added “Allow Quick Chat with Friends Only” option
    • This was included in update v2.23 but we forgot to add it to the patch notes. Wow! Sorry! No problem.
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