Rocket League Update 1.91 Patch Notes - PS4, Xbox, PC, next-gen

Everyone's favourite car-based sports game (at least until Destruction Allstars lands), Rocket League is getting a small patch ahead of the February update.

Let's take a look and see what's changing.

The update includes the obvious "various bug fixes" from Psyonix that every update takes care of.

However, there are few more things happening than you might expect in the 1.91 update.

Super Bowl comes to Rocket League

This update will lay the groundwork for the NFL invasion of Rocket League.

While usually based on football (the British version), Rocket League has also included basketball and ice hockey game modes, so it's no surprise to see the NFL get involved during Super Bowl week.

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The LTM called Gridrion will bring some awesome 4v4 gameplay with some amazing rule twists.

February update

The 1.91 update will also help integrate some big changes coming in the February update.

The Esports Shop will be getting some awesome Fennec decals for all teams featured.

They will cost 300 Esports Tokens, so buy wisely!

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There will also be the ability to change effects settings for neon fields.

The new setting option called "Effect Intensity" adjusts the intensity and motion of visuals for the arena and will help keep Rocket League accessible and enjoyable for all players.

It will also include a lot of quality of life improvements.

The February update should land around 1 February at 4pm PT.

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