EA Sports WRC 23 Car Builder: Everything you need to know

EA Sports WRC Car Builder

EA Sports WRC Car Builder

It's official, the EA Sports WRC 23 Car Builder is coming to the World Rally Championship game this year!

We've known for some time that Codemasters were taking over the WRC game, with EA being the game's new publishers. One of the biggest announcements from EA Sports' WRC is its new Car Builder mode.

What is this though? And what has been confirmed about the EA Sports WRC Car Builder so far?

EA Sports WRC 23 Car Builder

After years of Kylotonn developing the official World Rally Championship, Codemasters and EA have taken it over starting this year. The title may have changed by removing the year, but the high quality doesn't look to have.

Something new for the series is a car building mechanic, something we can't recall seeing in any other racing game before.

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Credit: EA Sports / Codemasters

While the Formula 1 game (also made by Codies) has My Team, the overall look of the car can't be customised past its livery. The 2023 WRC Car Builder isn't mentioned in the trailer, but it is in the game's first article on the EA website.

It should be noted as well that Codemasters are very experienced at making rally games. Codies are the developer behind the Dirt series, so this is nothing new to the British developers.

Build your legacy

There's not a lot to go on when it comes to the Car Builder, this section only gets a paragraph in the article. But from the image that's within it, we can see there are multiple options when it comes to the body type of your car.

You'll be able to choose the chassis, body shell and "mechanical parts" before entering your ride into rallying competitions. As you'd expect, the interior and exterior of the car is also fully-customisable.

EA Sports WRC
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Credit: EA / Codemasters

We'll need to speculate a little here, but it does seem as though this is WRC's My Team mode. We think you'll be able to choose which engine, chassis, brakes, tyre and more to fit your car with to compete in WRC.

We imagine you'll be able to choose from the real-life manufacturers. Whether you'll be able to put a Ford engine in a Citroen, though, is unlikely. WRC is different to F1 in that the cars are typically provided by the manufacturers.

As for who will be in the car, we expect the real-life drivers to be available in the pool to choose from. Whether the junior drivers from WRC 2 will be in the game as well isn't clear, but we'd expect so, as they'll be more affordable for a new team.

WRC Trailer

The official reveal trailer was uploaded today for the new EA Sports WRC YouTube channel. It gives us our first look at the incredible gameplay we can expect to be experiencing on 3rd November:

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