EA Sports WRC Console Graphics and Performance Detailed

EA Sports WRC Console Graphics and Performance Detailed

EA Sports WRC Console Graphics and Performance Detailed

EA Sports WRC is now only a few days away, with early access starting on 31 October for players who pre-order. Despite this, EA hasn’t shown any PS5 or Xbox Series X|S gameplay footage, with promotional trailers and gameplay deep dives focusing on the PC version. This isn’t unusual, but console players are wondering if EA Sports WRC’s console graphics and performance will be compromised.

EA has now responded to these questions on Reddit, revealing what to expect from EA Sports WRC’s console graphics and performance.

EA Sports WRC PS5 and Xbox Series X|S graphics are equivalent to high PC settings

On PS5 and Xbox Series X, EA Sports WRC will run in 4K resolution and target 60fps, but “some parts of the game will use different or dynamic resolutions for optimisation purposes.” Graphics are said to be “essentially equivalent to High settings on PC” on PS5 and Xbox Series X.

EA Sports WRC console graphics and performance detailed
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As expected, the Xbox Series S version will run at a lower 1440p resolution but still targets 60fps. However, the graphics settings are “equivalent to Medium or Low” according to EA.

EA Sports WRC sees Codemasters abandon its in-house Ego engine in favour of Unreal. This is a notoriously demanding engine, so we hope EA Sports WRC will have a stable frame rate no matter which system you play on. An official EA Sports WRC console gameplay video from EA before release would help ease concerns.

PC system requirements

Like most games, the PC version will deliver the best graphics and performance if your hardware can run it. You can find the EA Sports WRC PC system requirements here to find out if you have the right PC specs.

EA Sports WRC Console Graphics and Performance Detailed
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EA Sports WRC slides onto PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 3 November. Those who pre-order can play from 31 October.

To get ready for launch, Xbox and PC players can pre-load the game now, while PS5 players can preload from 29 October.

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