First Look at EA Sports WRC Central European Rally Gameplay

First Look at EA Sports WRC Central European Rally Gameplay

First Look at EA Sports WRC Central European Rally Gameplay

When EA Sports WRC launched last month, it was missing a new location on the WRC 2023 calendar: the Central European Rally. That changes this week with the launch of Season 2, which brings the Central European Rally to EA Sports WRC.

Before tomorrow’s launch, EA has released an extended gameplay video preparing players for the challenges they will face in the new Central European Rally.

First look at EA Sports WRC Central European Rally gameplay

The gameplay video gives us an extended look at the new rally with guidance from professional rally driver and EA Sports WRC game designer Jon Armstrong.

Taking place towards the end of the season in October, the Central European Rally saw Kalle Rovanpera secure his second world title. In EA Sports WRC, the Central European Rally sees drivers take on 32 unique kilometres of open countryside across 12 fast-flowing asphalt stages.

Compared to other asphalt stages, the inaugural Central European Rally provides a different driving experience. With wider, more open roads, there are ample opportunities to go flat out if you dare and take more risks. Don't push too hard though because the abundance of square and hairpin corners can catch you out, combined with tricky elevation changes and junctions.

Armstrong advises being “aggressive with the steering into those tight corners without sliding the car about too much, as excess wheelspin will cost you time on asphalt.” He also recommends looking for yellow arrow signs that indicate braking points. Unlike other tarmac stages, small bumps and jumps can unsettle the car if you’re not careful.

EA Sports WRC Central European Rally
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Austria and Germany missing in European Central Rally

EA Sports WRC's Central European stages offer a tight and technical driving experience and a variety of roads you won't find in any other rally. Happily, it’s also free in contrast to DIRT Rally 2.0, which added new locations in paid DLC packs after launch. With all 13 official locations now represented, the 2023 calendar is complete in EA Sports WRC. Well, almost.

EA Sports WRC Central European Rally
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Whereas the actual route goes through Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, every Central European stage in EA Sports WRC is based on Czech asphalt – despite the in-game rally description mentioning the other locations.

As this is the studio’s first official WRC game, Codemasters presumably ran out of time to create the entire three-country rally alongside the other 12 WRC events. Hopefully, the Central European Rally will be fully represented in next year’s WRC game.

Season 2 update out tomorrow

Central European Rally arrives in EA Sports WRC tomorrow as part of the Season 2 update. As well as the new rally, Season 2 brings a new Rally Pass with unlockable cosmetics, 60 new Moments scenarios, and bug fixes.

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