WRC 10 Revealed! Celebrate 50 years of rallying in Nacon's new game

The next chapter in the official World Rally Championship game, WRC 10, is on the way!

The trailer for Nacon's next game has finally been released, and we now know when the game is coming too.

Let's take a look at the news around WRC 10.

WRC 10 reveal trailer

The 45 second blast through gravel gives us a lot of info about the upcoming game.


With the 50th anniversary of WRC this year, Nacon are going in hard on the history of the competition.

With the promise of reliving some of the best WRC rallies ever and more than a few classic cars on display, this year the game will be a celebration of what has gone before, as well as what is to come.

Along with more historic content, this year's game will have all the teams, cars, and rallies of the 2021 season for players to enjoy too.

Create your own team

Career mode gets a boost with a new livery editor and the chance to make your own team in the WRC!

WRC 10 Toyota
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You can apply your own colours to championship cars to complement the 52 official teams of the 2021 season. While not shown off in the trailer, we expect Nacon will have a full demo of this new feature for players soon. We can't wait to see it.

History come to life

Like we said, history is a big part of this year's game. Nacon has promised 6 historic rallies and over 20 legendary cars.

WRC 10 historic
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ON THE EDGE: Test your skill in the historic cars

This includes locations like Sanremo and Acropolis, and manufacturers like Subaru, Lancia, Audi, and Toyota.

Confirmed release date

In a press release alongside the trailer, Nacon confirmed that WRC 10 has a release date of 2 September.

This is for all platforms bar Nintendo Switch, which is just quoted as "at a later date".

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