Are Assetto Corsa Servers Free?

If you're looking to play Assetto Corsa online with friends, or even strangers, you need to host a server. But are Assetto Corsa servers free? You might be wondering if it is. Since that's an additional paywall you would have to cross to play online. But we have good news for you, Assetto Corsa servers are completely free to host! And if you don't know what Assetto Corsa dedicated servers are, you can learn here!

All about Assetto Corsa servers

Assetto Corsa has dedicated servers for the players, and that makes connections much more stable! However, a lot of players think that the process is complicated. However, you can find a manual for setting up dedicated servers on the forums! And we also have a guide here at Racing Games on making your own servers!

Assetto Corsa servers are free to make!
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EASE OF USE: You can play with all your friends for free and have fun on the track together, it'll only cost you some time to set up the server, but it's not too complicated!

Assetto Corsa servers are free, but, if you don't want to set them up yourself, you have the option to rent some! There are many sites that give you the option to rent them. Essentially, the trade-off here is paying more, but saving time on setting up, and getting better connectivity! One of the most reputable sites is Emperor Servers, who are known for their great customer support and service quality. But be careful not to trust just any site, there are some rip-offs out there.

Free to play

Playing together with your friends may be daunting to set up for some, but it's a free feature. And, you can get your hands on Assetto Corsa right now, which is on sale till the 16th of August, for $3.99on steam! But, if you would rather get the ultimate edition, that will cost you $31.88.

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CUSTOMIZE YOUR HEART OUT: Setting up servers lets you create leagues, add mods, and even make your own tournaments, the options are limitless!

Setting up your servers is easy once you get the hang of it! So don't worry, and after you learn the ins and outs, you're ready to race! Also, you can set up your downloaded mods to your server to heighten the experience, but it'll require all racers to have it downloaded! And that's all! For more on Assetto Corsa, make sure to tune back in right here at Racing Games!

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