What Are Assetto Corsa Mods?

If you're familiar with Assetto Corsa, you've heard before of mods and modding in it. But, what are Assetto Corsa Mods exactly?

Assetto Corsa aims to please all its players and racers.

So, in order to be able to give both the serious sim racers and the casual racing fans a platform, mods are quite important.

Explaining Assetto Corsa mods

Being part of Assetto Corsa's key features, mods offer players the ability to bring their ideas to life! Assetto Corsa gives the players options to choose from, as well room to be creative.

This is a theme in AC, as they even give the players access to the Assetto Corsa SDK.

What Are Assetto Corsa Mods?
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MODIFIED AND SET: Whether it is performance modifications, or adding new content and features, the only limit to mods is the players' imaginations!

The editor that the players have access to, allows them to bring the tracks in their minds into the game. One of the modders has even used this tool to add fan-favourite Gran Turismo mods to AC!

There is even an official modding forum for the game. So, thanks to Kunos Simulazioni, all the AC fans have a place to get together and share their expertise, help one another, and of course, share their mods!

How to download the mods

So you've found the mod of that car you've always wanted to have in the game, what's next?

Downloading the mods, and then Installing the mods is a straightforward task, but it can be daunting if you're not well versed in PC gaming. But you can always find help around the internet to solve any issues you face!

AC Mod Pit Stop
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PIT STOP: The equivalent of a pit stop is you stopping your game time to get some mods installed! Based on your wants and needs!

Assetto Corsa has been around for a while. Therefore, you're going to find plenty of mods all over the internet that you can get your hands on!

In case you can't find a mod you want, this is potentially your call to get creative and engineer your own mods. If you're looking to get your hands on a lot of mods, we recommend getting the AC content manager.

The importance of AC mods

Finally, AC mods give the players and the community, virtually infinite room to create. Though the game has been out for over 6 years, there's plenty of content to explore, and it only expands.

This is all possible because of how mods have been keeping the game fresh with content over the years!

AC Visuals 2
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RECIPE FOR SUCCESS: Stunning visuals, wonderful feel, and countless mods are what constitute what makes Assetto Corsa a top sim-racing title.

For a game that hasn't been getting updates since the release of the Ultimate Edition, there will always be new content to explore. We believe that mods have become an inseparable part of the Assetto Corsa identity.

For more on Assetto Corsa, make sure to tune in again right here at Racing Games!

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