What is Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server?

If you're a big fan of racing, you may have heard of Assetto Corsa's dedicated servers. So, you might want to set up an Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server for you and your friends to enjoy! Or you might just want to host one publicly in order to just enjoy racing on your custom terms! Here's all you need to know about Assetto Corsa's server hosting!

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is a server hosted online for the players by the players! It's just like hosting any custom game on some of your other games. However, the server handles the connections and the input and output would be going to and from the server!

ACC Preparation, Assetto Corsa Dedicated Server
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SMOOTH STARTS: Dedicated servers make connections a lot easier for you and makes hosting lobbies easier than ever, with many options to choose from!

From cars to game modes to any custom rules in your mind, dedicated servers allow you this creative freedom! The plethora of mod options that you have in Assetto Corsa, also facilitate and allow this! And you can find mods and download them easily! You can also find a lot more information or tips if you're facing any issues on the modding forums!

How to host dedicated servers

The first step is knowing how to host a dedicated server. And here on RacingGames, we've previously covered how to make your own online servers for Assetto Corsa. There's also a thread on the Assetto Corsa forum on hosting them and setting them up, up to the smallest detail! From file locations to choosing and configuring cars, it has it all!

ACC setting up dedicated server
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SETTING UP: In racing, setting up prior to the race is key, and in the dedicated server set up on Assetto Corsa, it is just as pivotal to get the experience you're looking for!

Setting up dedicated servers isn't as tedious as you may think. As long as you follow the steps carefully, and make sure that all the files are properly set up! You can also rent a server If you'd rather! You can just configure and customize, you can save time on setting up files. through many different sites, such as GTX Gaming, which is one of the most famous for this.

Significance of Assetto Corsa dedicated servers

Giving players the ability to play as they want to, is one of the reasons Assetto Corsa is such a great, and unique title. Catering for its entire player base, allowing everyone to enjoy the game their way. The game sports plenty of features allowing this to be possible! As in the end, dedicated servers are just large-scale custom lobbies with virtually unlimited potential! And of course, the way Assetto Corsa presents its game is astounding as it is!

ACC Car shot - the AC dedicated servers
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PLAY YOUR WAY: WIth the infinite potential that Assetto Corsa provides, you can play the game, just the way you like!

Finally, there is a reason Assetto Corsa has 90% positive all-time reviews on steam! That's a very high number! And it's justified by how the game is one of the most realistic simulators out there. A lot of variety is accompanied by marvellous gameplay, that's what Assetto Corsa is all about! For more Assetto Corsa news, tips, and opinions, make sure to tune back in again to racing games!

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